Alsco’s new Service Operations Manager

Kingsley Wong speech

Alsco Singapore is very pleased to announce the appointment of Kingsley Wong into the position of Service Operations Manager.

Kingsley has two decades experience in various customer service and logistics industries most recently in the oil and gas industry. He returns to Singapore from being stationed in various overseas roles over the past 8 years.

He enjoyed his opportunities in the Oil and Gas Logistics industry and the challenges of working abroad both in the Middle East and North America. However, Kingsley has decided it is time to return to Singapore to spend more time with his wife and family.

Kingsley has excellent operational experience in customer service and supplier relationships, warehouse management and operations Management, and leaves behind strong relationships built with a diverse customer base in Dubai, Mexico, and the USA. This vast experience positions Kingsley well for his step into our Service Operations Role.

Kingsley Wong with Alsco Team

Kingsley will manage the Alsco Singapore Washroom Operations. This is the core part of Alsco’s business in Singapore when the local washroom operation was acquired in 2000. This position will keep him busy and his organisational skills will come to the fore when juggling the specific requirements of a large customer base.

Over the past 15 years, this business has had great growth and now employs more than 70 staff and operating 30 delivery vehicles island wide.

Kinsley Wong the new Service Operations ManagerAlsco is currently servicing thousands of individual customer locations across Singapore. Kingsley’s team will look after the washroom services of the business, including paper consumables, odour control, sanitary products and floor protection.

The other side of our business in Singapore is in textiles – most notably the excellent Managed Workwear service. This service allows customers to forgo the cost of capital for their uniforms as Alsco purchases the uniform and provides it on a rental basis.

Kingsley Wong holds a Bachelor of Electronic Commerce from the Central Queensland University and various other diplomas and certification across his many years of experience both in Singapore and abroad. He process-driven mindset along with his ongoing study in Total Quality Management and ISO Quality experience will translate well into his dynamic role.

Right now he is learning our business and already finding quality improvements that will help keep Alsco Singapore at the leading edge of customer service in the Washroom industry.

Alsco Singapore is pleased to have Kingsley in the company. The team will provide full support as he starts his first 100 days at Alsco.

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