Importance of Choosing Quality Industrial Workwear

Choosing quality industrial workwear is important for many reasons. 

If you’re a business operating in the industrial sector – whether this be construction, manufacturing, forestry or agriculture, it’s incredibly crucial that your staff are wearing the proper work garments. This means choosing durable industrial workwear which can adequately protect your employees against any physical hazards and chemical exposure, while also improving their productivity and wellbeing throughout the work day. 

Ministry of Manpower provides safety policies for specific industries in the industrial sector. Along with these precautionary approaches against work-related incidents, your business should be providing quality industrial workwear to ensure your workplace safety is maximised. Here are the main reasons why you should choose the best industrial workwear. 

Safety & Protection 

It comes as no surprise that the industrial sector can be far more dangerous than others. In fact, a 2018 study by Finder Insights discovered that agriculture, forestry and fishing was the most hazardous industry for the third year in a row, involving 44 fatalities and 3510 serious injuries in 2016 alone. When this was combined with the industrial sectors of transport/postal and warehousing, along with construction, these accounted for 69% of all workplace fatalities and held the highest proportion of compensation claims. 

Many employees in the industrial sector are often surrounded by many potential hazards, including: dangerous machinery and equipment, heavy vehicles and collisions, electrocution, collapsing building structures, contaminated or flammable environments, alongside chemical hazards such as pressurised gas, dust pollution, explosives and toxic fumes. 

Choosing quality industrial workwear means that you can protect your staff from all sorts of hazards involving fire, dust, electricity, toxic chemicals and extreme heat. Alsco provides a flexible range of high-visibility industrial workwear. These heavy duty fabrics contain many protective features such as Hi-Vis reflective taping, UV Protection, smoulter-proof and flame retardant properties to shield workers operating in intensely heated workplaces. 

Comfort & Wellbeing 

To improve worker’s comfort and wellbeing, quality industrial workwear is essential. When working in harsh industrial processing and manufacturing environments (that often involve extreme heat, humidity and confined spaces), employees’ personal comfort and wellbeing will be sacrificed. This will further impede their productivity and motivation levels. 

That’s why providing your staff with quality industrial workwear is highly recommended so that they can easily move around the hazardous environment, and quickly deal with heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. It’s very important that your staff feel great at all times with minimal hassle and inconvenience – that’s why Alsco’s Managed Rental Garment Service can supply comfortable yet professional industrial workwear, collect them when used, wash, dry, press and deliver them back to your door every week. 

You wouldn’t want your workers to be constantly plagued by the discomfort of their industrial garments, which can heavily disrupt their ability to perform work duties. This includes adjusting and pulling on the workwear due to poor-quality materials, excessively loose-fitting workwear, long sleeves which can easily get stuck in machines, or garments which are not fire-resistant or offer UV protection in harsh weather conditions. 

Positive Customer Impression 

Choosing quality industrial workwear doesn’t merely involve the safety, comfort and durability for your employees (although those are also extremely important). Good-quality industrial workwear goes beyond these essential factors, and further translates into making a positive impression to customers. If all your workers are dressed in professional and stylish work garments, this contributes to stronger company branding and image. 

The psychology behind wearing proper work uniforms reveals that they symbolise connectivity and brand differentiation. Customers tend to perceive cohesiveness as a form of strong marketing that reinforces the company’s brand identity. Not only does wearing work garments convey brand unity, they also promote teamwork and collaboration while cultivating a potent sense of belonging in the workplace. 

Selecting the best quality industrial workwear means that you’ll be signalling to your customers that you value the security, personal comfort and wellbeing, and individual contribution of your employees to your business. Alsco’s industrial workwear is available in a variety of colours, specifications and sizing, with professional yet comfortable styles to suit any work environment. We also offer pockets, trims and badging can reflect a powerful corporate image.

Disclaimer – These articles are provided to supply general health, safety, and green information to people responsible for the same in their organisation. The articles are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs.