5 reasons why workplace floor mats can increase your business

Workplace floor mats are an unconventional, yet very effective way to increase your business. The truth is that floor mats act as the unsung heroes of our workplaces – they protect us from hazardous areas, promote comfort and wellbeing, while elevating our corporate branding. In saying that, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider using workplace floor mats to increase your business! 

  • Keep Your Workplace Clean & Presentable 

Your workplaces are constantly plagued with high foot traffic, leaving so much dirt, pollution and moisture behind. When customers and visitors see this mess cluttering your doorways and entrances, this leaves an extremely bad first impression – traffic, you’ll be driving away valuable traffic from your business, leading to poor company image and negative brand perception, while causing lower sales. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become even more crucial to maintain hygienic and sanitary workplaces, so having floor mats is a great place to start!

That’s why high-traffic floor mats are incredibly useful for increasing your business, keeping your spaces clean and presentable. These dust control and floor protection mats are also ideal for reducing your costs involved in floor maintenance and repair, providing a softer floor alternative to your premises. Their anti-static properties even capture air-borne dust, further improving the cleanliness of your spaces. Not only that, they are highly water absorbent, and capture 80% of dirt and dust, making your work spaces always look sharp and professional to clients.

  • Improve Staff Productivity & Customer Service 

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is driving potential customers away due to poor service. Many employees often experience various pressures and strains caused by standing or sitting in one position for long periods of time. This can have terrible implications for your business’s overall customer service, especially since dissatisfied and fatigued workers will lose their productivity and morale, leading to declining business sales. 

Luckily, anti-fatigue and wet area mats can alleviate this issue by improving your employee productivity and customer service. Made from specialised waterproof rubber, these floor mats are ideal for heavy industry, offices, food service areas and retail outlets, organized sporting and special events. They have a textured backing and non-slip surface for extra grip and safety, designed to be comfortable and minimise stress-related injury. The antimicrobial material is resistant to oil, water and grease, ensuring that your staff and customers are kept clean. 

  • Branding: Create a Professional First Impression 

When it comes to fostering a professional first impression to your customers, workplace floor mats are extremely underrated. In reality, your entrance mats are the first and last thing that your visitors will see. You can take advantage of this opportunity by using corporate and logo mats to build a cohesive, attractive and stylish branding for your business. This will undoubtedly strengthen your business image, making your brand logo and name a memorable facet to your clients and visitors. 

Alsco’s corporate and logo mats are a smart, cost-effective way to brighten your reception (or office entrance) areas and impress your customers. Our personalised floor mats have superior gripper patterns and dirt-absorbent properties tailored for high foot traffic, which make your workplace stand out in terms of safety and cleanliness. We also provide sharp, evocative and vibrant colours with our top quality ChromaJet printing technology – this can be branded with your logo, artwork, imagery or custom safety messages. 

  • Strategically Advertise Your Business 

Advertising your business using workplace floor mats is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your customers. When people are walking, it’s not hard to see a well-designed floor mat with vivid imagery, appealing colour palette and promotional punchlines. This sight will inevitably pique their curiosity and generate stronger brand awareness. Even better, these floor mats can be optimised by strategically placing them in high-traffic foot areas, such as entrances and doorways, showrooms, product aisles, payment counters, reception areas, etc. 

Advertising mats are both a cost-effective and highly impactful promotional investment for your business, enabling you to increase brand exposure and customer engagement through your advertising messages. From a psychological standpoint, there is a subconscious repetitive effect by continually advertising through floor mats throughout your business premises – your customers will be mentally reminded and prepared to purchase your products or services, thus enhancing recall rate and buying frequency. 

  • Promote a Safety-Oriented Work Culture 

In any workplace, accidents are inevitable. Whether it’s your staff or customers, someone will undoubtedly experience some kind of unfortunate mishap in your business. However, with Alsco’s safety and message mats, you can substantially reduce the risks of these potential accidents and injuries. These special workplace floor mats can gently remind employees of your company’s most important safety rules and protocols. 

By consistently placing these safety and message mats throughout your workplace, you can effectively promote a safety-oriented workplace in a highly visible, transparent manner. This strong prioritisation of safety and wellbeing creates a positive brand image because both your employees and customers will feel much more valued in your business. 

Additionally, with our advanced ChromaJet printing technology that yields vibrant and striking artwork, your safety regulations will not be missed. With Alsco’s flexible range of mat variations and styles, you can keep your safety notices as fresh as possible. We even offer customised designs and messages so that your staff are reminded of the most relevant information about workplace policies. Even better, these mats come with high grip surfaces to prevent accidents! 

  • Increase Your Business With Workplace Floor Mats! 

Enhancing brand recognition and driving higher traffic to your business can be such an overwhelming task. Businesses can use floor mats as a simple, yet incredibly effective way to get started – all while promoting a safe and clean workplace. With floor mats, you can never go wrong with elevating your customers’ first impressions! 

Alsco realises the importance of floorcare – from the health of your employees to the very impression your business makes. That’s why our wide range of floor mats are designed to solve your unique challenges. From vibrant, dust-proof welcome mats through to comfortable anti-fatigue mats, Alsco knows how to keep your floors safe and smart-looking.

Disclaimer – These articles are provided to supply general health, safety, and green information to people responsible for the same in their organisation. The articles are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs.