Choosing the right apron for your hospitality business

Aprons are a crucial part of every staff’s uniforms in hospitality businesses.

A simple apron can make a huge difference to your company’s professional image, while keeping hygiene as a clear priority in the workplace and protecting your employees from injury – this includes food splatters, beverage spills, nasty stains and burns. 

Traditional white aprons typically represent cleanliness and purity, worn by highly visible head chefs, sous chefs and waiters. However, aprons can be tailored to suit your hospitality establishment’s decor and branding, coming in a variety of colours and styles. 

With so many options available in the market, you need to choose the right apron for your hospitality business by considering the following factors below! 

Durable & Washable Materials

Choosing the right materials for your apron is arguably the most important factor.

When it comes to selecting the proper materials for their aprons, many restaurants and hospitality businesses flock towards 100% cotton due to its durability and breathability. However, 100% cotton also has its downsides – it dries slowly, lacks stretchiness (for mobility in the kitchen), can easily wrinkle and loses colour quickly. 

That’s why cotton and polyester aprons (polycottons) are considered a superior option. Polycotton aprons offer all the benefits of 100% cotton, minus all its disadvantages – they are fade resistant, cost-effective, less prone to wrinkling and are easily washable. Alsco’s range of aprons are made from strong and durable polycotton material, making life easier for your business! 

Other less commonly used apron materials include denim, canvas and leather. However, these sturdier and thicker materials are more suited towards other professions beyond the hospitality industry (such as painters, carpenters and metal workers), offering increased protection against harsher conditions. For your hospitality business and hot restaurant kitchens, having more lightweight and breathable fabrics are highly recommended. 

Adequate Protection & Functionality 

To choose the right apron for your hospitality business, it’s necessary to consider the different types and styles available. Different aprons have different benefits, so you need to pick a suitable one which reflects your business’s goals and priorities. In most restaurant kitchens, you’ll need a strong apron that offers adequate protection from food stains and can withstand excessive use over time. 

Certain aprons are designed to protect different parts of the body. The most popular type of apron for chefs and restaurant workers is the traditional Bib Apron (also known as the chef’s apron). A bib apron is typically made out of one piece of material which goes around the person’s neck and can be tied at the back. Since the bib apron extends just at the knee level, it provides fantastic overall bodily protection against food splatters and stains. It is also lightweight and can be easily put on, making your staff’s prep time less hectic and frenzied. 

Another type of widely-used apron is the Waist Apron, which is designed to specifically protect waiters in cafes and restaurants from beverage spills, food stains and grime. The waist apron usually comes at knee height or full-length, and has useful pockets to store tools and small items, allowing for greater mobility and convenience. They also have simple self-ties, making them easily adjustable. 

Professional Style & Appearance 

When it comes to employee uniforms, including aprons, it’s important to consider the best style and appearance to evoke a professional business image. When customers and patrons enter your hospitality business, you want to give the best impression so that your establishment remains sophisticated and memorable. This will evoke stronger brand perceptions which can enhance your customers’ loyalty. 

Since you’ll be dealing with diverse customers, it’s highly recommended that you should choose a subtle, yet timeless and classic material. This notably involves selecting a polycotton apron with a complementary colour to suit your hospitality business’s branding and the establishment’s atmosphere. Depending on the type of kitchen and your employees’ roles, the style of your apron can also differ slightly. 

For example, chefs and restaurant staff usually wear traditional white aprons to evoke greater transparency in their hygiene and cleanliness. On the flipside, simple black aprons (or other aprons with darker neutral colours such as grey, navy and brown) can hide stains more effectively, while also looking very sharp and sophisticated, making them perfect for more modern cafes and restaurants. 

Alsco’s wide range of bib aprons and waist aprons come in various colours and styles to suit different staff such as head chefs, sous chefs and waiters, ranging from traditional white and black for chefs to blue stripes for butchers – either full-length or half-length. In particular, the blue striped aprons are extremely comfortable, making them perfect for long hours in the butchery. If you’re seeking smart and professional aprons for your hospitality business, then Alsco’s aprons are perfect for your needs!

Get the Right Aprons for Your Hospitality Business! 

Choosing the right apron for your hospitality business can be so overwhelming. On top of that, making sure that your aprons are frequently cleaned or promptly repaired can be an extra difficult process that many businesses cannot manage. 

Luckily, with Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service, we regularly wash and return your uniforms and aprons according to an agreed schedule. As a cost-effective alternative to large upfront cash purchases, you’ll benefit from regular delivery schedules, free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.

Using a sophisticated barcode system developed over years, we track every single delivery with incredible, hyper-fast accuracy. This includes locations, last pickup dates, number of washes, and much more. Combine this with a tea towel service for the ultimate convenience and you’ll always have clean, crisp and fresh uniforms available, when you need it, where you need it.

Disclaimer – These articles are provided to supply general health, safety, and green information to people responsible for the same in their organisation. The articles are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs.