Why Rental Services can Improve the Quality of Your Hospitality Linens

Freshly clean hospitality linens offer an unparalleled customer experience. 

From the moment your customers enter a restaurant and see the blinding-white table linen spread out across the dining tables, they’ll be undoubtedly impressed. While providing superior-quality hospitality linen in your establishment can ensure you attract patrons, it’s important to understand that not every business can properly clean and maintain them regularly. 

That’s why many businesses (including day spas, restaurants, hotels or resorts) are increasingly opting for Rental Services to improve the quality of their hospitality linens. Through these convenient and flexible services, businesses can effectively revitalise their presentation and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction like never before. 

Check out how below!

Supply of Clean & High-quality Linen 

It’s not easy finding the most suitable materials to decorate your establishment. 

Across the industry, hospitality linens are widely popular because of their luxurious quality and natural richness. Not only that, linen can minimise your business’s environmental footprint since it is organic, recyclable and completely biodegradable! Many establishments prefer hospitality linens due to their heavy durability and strength, meaning that they can last much longer compared to other flimsy options. 

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service will ensure that you have access to the most affordable and elegant table linens, allowing you to mesmerise customers all day, every day. Under our economical program, we supply high-quality linens that will make a powerfully memorable dining experience…from the top-notch cleanliness to the smoothly rippling texture. 

Rental services also ensure that you have the flexibility to extend your supply of linens across all operations. With our managed program, you can choose from silky table cloths, table overlays, crisp fabric napkins, tea towels, glass cloths, food wipes and more – all in a range of sizes and colours that are uniquely tailored for your business’s needs!

Convenient, Hassle-Free Delivery & Replenishment 

When it comes to regularly cleaning, maintaining or restocking hospitality linens, many businesses often struggle due to the lack of time and resources. This inconsistency and disorganisation can severely impact the quality of your linens, and hence, the customer’s experience. 

However, rental services are an amazing solution for these time sensitive establishments. For example, Alsco’s Managed Rental Service provides a steady supply of superior quality linen, all while providing regular cleaning, pickup and delivery, coupled with inventory management. 

Additionally, Alsco’s flexible rental program ensures that we fulfil the individual requirements of your business in a timely and professional manner. With our reliable service, you can free up inventory and reduce required storage space. We’ll supply the linen and store it in our laundry, ready when you need it. Rather than focusing on cleaning or replacing the hospitality linens yourselves (especially during hectic periods!), Alsco’s rental program ensures that your staff can pay full attention to the customer and deliver the best service possible. 

When it comes to enhancing the quality of your hospitality linens and impressing your customers, the benefits of rental services are clear: 

  • Agreed, consistent schedule for linen replenishment
  • No large, up front capital costs
  • Reduce your costs and budget accordingly 
  • Easy order increase for busy time periods 
  • World-class inventory management system 

Why hesitate? Contact us for more information! 

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