109 Employee Wellness Ideas Your Team Will Definitely Love

Ever noticed how fit and satisfied employees are more productive – A motivated team with a boosted morale, perfect work-life balance, and are generally happy with their jobs? As if that’s not enough, they cost the company less because they are efficient. How’s that?

Actually, it’s only natural for employees to give their best in a conducive work environment where they feel appreciated and well taken care of.

This is exactly why every company should strive to provide its workforce with efficient employee wellness-boosting programs for a happy working life.

Therefore, you need to keep your employees at their optimum health. First off, you need convenient hygiene solutions aimed at making your workplace germ-free. Then again, you need to learn effective employee wellness tips. But there is one more thing: you’ll have to implement them for results.

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Aside from providing rental solutions for businesses in Singapore like linen rental services, e.g. hospitality linen and garments and uniform rentals; floor mats solutions, e.g. anti fatigue mats; and washroom hygiene solutions e.g. sanitary bins and soap dispensers; Alsco also aims to help our business customers improve the well-being of their employees and create a better, healthier workplaces.

So, we’ve done a detailed research on these useful tips just for you. Are you ready to emulate them for a smart and talented A-team workforce that will drive your company to even bigger successes?

So let’s get down to business. And while we are at it, remember to share the tips with your friends and colleagues.

So here we go…

Workplace Workouts and Activities

1. Sponsor Gym Memberships

Workplace Resource: Heart Health - BMI Loose weight

Corporate gym membership is another ideal way to promote health and employee wellness within your company. A fitter workforce will definitely have improved mental health, better concentration and confidence – they will always perform better at their work.

Therefore, work out a suitable package with a local gym and sponsor willing employees for weekly workouts.

2. Convenient Office Gym

As an employer, you can promote a healthy workforce by improving their physical fitness. A sedentary lifestyle characterised by spending long hours working at the desks can have detrimental effects on your staff thus increasing their likelihood of getting ill.

Get them a well-ventilated space within your office for workouts; not necessarily a professional gym. A few useful equipment is all you need to get started. Home Fitness Guru says that a small gym with a rowing machine, an exercise bike, and a treadmill is great – pretty fun way to get access to the kind of movement that the body really needs.

To help your employees stay on track, a weekly cardio commitment will come in handy. Have them tick off their progress each time they workout.

3. Exercise at Home

Another great workout option is for your employees to form a home workout routine, especially the ones who dislike working out in public. A nice way of introducing the idea is by offering to pay for their beginner DVD’s. Also, YouTube has got plenty of workout videos that they can subscribe to.

4. Zumba Dance Workout Exercises

Zumba might turn out to be the best workout for people who hate to exercise. Born in Colombia in the 1990’s this fun dancing activity is guaranteed to make you sweat as you dance along to salsa and rhumba beats.

You can include regular dance sessions into your office routine. Even without an instructor, you’ll have a hilarious session where everybody comes together for a heart pumping, stress relieving Zumba dance.

5. Refreshing Yoga Lessons

“You can be any shape, size, age, demographic and still enjoy yoga.” – Debby Lewis

The Oxford Dictionaries define yoga as “A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.”

Debby Lewis, the director and yoga teacher of Corporate Yoga Australia reminds us that everybody can do yoga, regardless of their age, shape or size. They just need to make sure that they practice yoga at the level they feel most comfortable with.

Sign up your staff with a Yoga studio for the low impact exercises that are great for weight management and hopefully they’ll find their Zen.

The time of day is not important – morning, lunch or afternoon. The key is to find a time that works for you and incorporate it as a regular part of your week – scheduling it like you would a meeting to ensure that you are not double booked or find something “more important” to do. – Debby Lewis

6. Exercise in Nature – Take Weekend Hikes

Take a weekend off for a hike to enjoy the sound and smell of nature and have breath-taking views. Your lungs and heart will love it too as you take this powerful cardio workout. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to chat and get to know your co-workers better outside the office.

7. Forget the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Workplace Resource: Heart Health - Take the stairs

According to Cholesterol-Calculator, “People with average body burn around 0.15 calories for every stair step, so you burn roughly a 1.5 for every 10 stair steps you climb” Sounds impressive, right?

Stair climbing is one of the best low impact workouts that you can effortlessly incorporate into your daily routine. It’s a sure-fire way to burn more calories, increase your core muscle strength, tone and sculpt your body.

Ditch the elevator for the stairs and soon you will be feeling fitter, younger, stronger and leaner. Who wouldn’t want that?

8. Going to Work? Ride a Bike

Cycling, a very eco-friendly method of transportation is absolutely amazing for fitness levels. Here is how you can introduce biking to work for your employees;

  • Reach out to them to determine who would be able to cycle to work
  • Look out for triggers for bi-cycling e.g. a desire to be healthy, concern for the environment or frustration with congestion and high parking costs.
  • Provide them with compelling incentives to encourage them to cycle to work. For instance:
    • A secure place to lock their bikes
    • Sparkling clean shower rooms and lockers – no one would want to work while all sweaty.
    • A tool room to patch tools, adjust brakes and do tire checks
    • Occasional classes on safety, urban cycling and of course bike care and maintenance

9. Set up Eventful Sports Days

An exciting sports day event is what your employees need to develop teamwork, understanding, communication and leadership skills in a fun-filled high energy competition. You can also opt to turn it into a charity event. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a corporate sports day.

To organise a successful and memorable sports day, you need to consider these details;

  • Decide on the activities taking into consideration the weather and season
  • Choose the perfect venue considering its appropriateness for your athletic activities, the participant’s safety, accessibility by your employees and the pricing to fit your budget.
  • Inform everyone about the event well in advance. Post the details on your website and social media pages. Fun promotional products such as caps, fans and sweatbands could be an option too.
  • Buy attractive awards and prizes to reward the athletes’ accomplishments. Or you could opt for gift certificates.

10. Health and Wellness Apps? Sure, why Not

There are tons of amazing health and wellness apps. Let your employees install them and benefit from their features which can;

  • Help you make better food choices by suggesting healthier replacements
  • Give you a comprehensive list of healthy, tasty, easy to make recipes
  • Keep track of your food’s nutritional content e.g. calories, fats, sugar, and sodium
  • Share superfood information and recipes
  • Offer exercise inspirations and routine tips
  • Helps you keep track of how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burnt

11. Join in on the Office Razor Scooters Craze

Razor scooters make cool exercise and are fun. Organise races or simple joy rides around the office block to boost health and fitness. Check out this refreshing video that would entice us to get one to use for our everyday commute.

12. Rent Hand Hygiene Systems in Washrooms to Ensure Workplace Hygiene

One sure way to avoid transfer of germs and disease in the workplace is to clean hands regularly. Encourage your employees to wash their hands and dry them properly during the key moments for hand hygiene;

  • Each time you use the restroom
  • Before and after staff meetings if food is served
  • After scanning newspapers or magazines in your break room
  • Before and after your lunch
  • After using your friend’s keyboard or tools
  • Before and after a meet and greet activity in your office
  • When using shared office equipment like copiers, phones, etc.

Here are some useful hand washing posters you can pin up in your office to remind your employees to value hand hygiene.

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13. Energising Lunchtime Walks

Walking for about an hour during your lunch break make you feel a lot better. Read on to see the benefits of leaving your office desk for a swift lunchtime walk;

  • Walking is an intrinsic function that comes naturally
  • It is a moderate exercise that with cardiovascular benefits
  • No muscle and joint pain as it is a low impact form of exercise
  • A short midday walk can boost productivity from the dropping energy levels after lunch.
  • You can still get work done, e.g. walk meetings
  • Every step you take makes you happier thus improving your mood

Encourage everyone in the office to get moving by planning for group walks or setting aside a walking day so that everyone can participate. Aim for consistency.

14. Standing Is the New Sitting Down with Alsco Managed Floorcare

Science says that the healthiest way to survive a sedentary job is to stand every 20 minutes. Use anti-fatigue mats that reduce pressure and strains to maintain comfort levels while standing in one position for a longer period.

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Home Fitness Guru advises to stand up more in their offices. Namely, whatever you can do standing up, you should. Check your emails or make a phone call on your feet.

John Fawkes also suggests alternating between sitting and standing:

Work standing up for a half hour, then sit down for a half hour. Sitting down all day has been shown to have negative health consequences, even for people who exercise regularly. You’ll also find you’re more alert while standing (perfect when you’re on the phone), and spending more time on your feet makes it easier to sleep at night.

15. Quick Fun Exercises at Your Desk

Not enough time to spare for the gym? No problem, just bring the gym to your desk. It’s as easy as doing an effective 5-15 minute workout right in the office or at your desk.

Do this twice or thrice every workday and you’re good to go. Physical activities like taking the stairs, sitting up straight, and walking can also do the trick.

16. Stellar Posters with Office Workout Routines

There’s an array of activities and exercises that you can do in the office suggested here. Your co-workers are already familiar with most of them. So, why aren’t they already doing those exercises? Simple – they forget. You know what can jog their memory? Awesome workout posters in the office.

Office work out poster

17. Cycle While Working

Bicycle chairs are a great workout option for those that can’t afford to cycle to work or have very limited timeframes for workouts. It is now possible to cycle while working in your office via an innovative DeskCycle by MagneTrainer. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shop around to find exactly what works best for your office.

18. Have Lunch in Nature

Scenic Park like surroundings helps us connect with nature and achieve the desired employee wellness levels. And that is why busy corporate employees need a break from the usual brick and motor for a more relaxed and playful environment. Therefore, turn your workplace surroundings into a playful park-like environment for adults.

Connect with nature. Go outside during your lunch break. The colour blue sky or walking barefoot in the grass will help all sorts of wellness feelings. – Andi Lew

19. Embrace Power Naps, They Work

It’s a smart business move to allow power naps at your workplace. It’s even backed up by science. Some of the well known companies who have recognized the importance of power naps include Google, Huffington Post, Zappos, Nike and NASA.

Don’t get left behind, join the bandwagon by creating nap-friendly policies, nap rooms, and nap pods for your employees to shut-eye while on the clock. Any benefits for the snooze?-You bet there are numerous. Download this guide for further notes.

20. Workout Before Breakfast

An ideal wellness gem for busy professionals could be as simple as a quick morning workout.

I always tell busy professionals to perform 5-10 minutes of bodyweight exercises, as soon as they get up every morning. This helps wake you up, maintain muscle tone, and is particularly good for burning fat since it’s taking place on an empty stomach. Equally important: by working out first thing in the morning, you get it done before everything else that’s happening that day can get in the way. – John Fawkes

21. Awesome Standing Workplace Station

Provide your workers with an option of working using standing workstations. The occasional standing to work does wonders for your health. Here are some pro tips for maximum benefit;

  • Alternate between sitting and standing
  • Adjust your standing desk to elbow height and screen position to 51-71cm from your face
  • Purchase anti-fatigue mats to improve blood flow and reduce discomfort
  • Use arm supports to reduce pressure on the mouse operating wrist.
  • Change your keyboard and mouse positions to the same level
  • Take regular breaks to stretch, clear your head and rest your eyes.

22. Allow Working “Out of the office”

Happiness expert, Dr Bruce Wells suggests that flexible working hours, part-time options, as well as working from home make the employees feel more satisfied with their company.

Work out a way for your employees to have a work day away from the office. They can carry the work home, work online or simply find a different working space away from their office.

23. Sparkling Clean Office Washroom Showers, Lockers, and Bike Racks

One major excuse for not working out is lack of hygienic facilities such as washrooms showers and lockers. Entice your employees to take on workouts by facilitating pleasantly clean and well-equipped washroom showers and lockers.

Even better, get hassle-free customised washroom hygiene services tailored to your requirements. This way, you’ll eliminate excuses even before they are said out loud.

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24. Sit Correctly to Save Your Spine

Maintain the correct sitting position for a good spine saving posture. In addition to having an ergonomic chair, informative posters on the correct sitting posture will help remind your employees to always sit up straight. Strategically pin these subtle reminders on the walls and advertising stands to serve as constant reminders.

25. An Ideal Employee Wellness Ideas Board

Leading a healthier lifestyle is an ever learning experience. And an awesome way to learn from each other is to have a whiteboard where everyone can write up their efficient everyday ideas on employee wellness. The board can include awesome tips and insights to serve as a source of inspiration for everyone. Here are a few topics to consider:

  • Excellent stress-reducing techniques
  • Recipes
  • Routine health tips
  • Upcoming employee wellness events
  • Health issues

26. Hold Some Outdoor Meetings

A refreshing idea to get some fresh air into your lungs and break the office monotony is to hold outdoor meetings. They work best on a day with favourable weather and when the meetings don’t require computers and electronic presentations. Julie Meek also has a great idea about these meetings. She suggests that stand-up meetings should be encouraged at your workplace.

Ros Ben Moshe of Laugh Life Wellbeing Programs also suggests that it is great to end those meetings on a good note. Therefore, add the Good News Item on your meeting agenda. Have everyone take turns to briefly share some good news. It will significantly boost the morale.

27. Create an Office Collaboration Space

Another great happiness booster is to provide a conducive environment for people to mingle and talk to each other. A collaboration office space would be an ideal cradle of ideas. Your employees can go there when need be to bounce ideas off each other, or to just get some inspiration.

28. Organise Hobby Clubs

Organised hobby clubs will help bring your employees closer and create a more harmonious working environment. They’ll get a chance to share their interests and socialise. A book club, a walking club or any other hobby that your staffs have a common interest in would be a perfect start.

29. Assign Workout Partners

Do random selection or let your employees pick and pair up with their workout partner. The idea is to have somebody to workout with. Somebody to inspire you, motivate you and push you out of your bed on a slow day. If there is nobody available in the office, encourage the employees to find gym buddies online.

30. Rent Uniforms and Hygiene Systems for a Super Hygienic Workplace

Most of the spreading bacterial and virus infections are a direct consequence of poor hygiene conditions. For a healthy and happy workforce, maintain flawless hygiene at the workplace.

That can be achieved by developing an efficient cleaning program that includes;

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Well-maintained and hygienic uniforms do not online improve morale, performance and customer service, it can also set as antibacterial protection of employees from daily exposure to chemicals, dusts and grease.

On the other hand, you can partner with Alsco and benefit from their wide range of hygiene services tailored to your office needs. Then, you can rest assured of a flawless hygienic workplace.

31. Host a Spectacular Health Fair

Health fairs are a spectacular way of promoting healthy living. Exhibitors showcase a range of health and wellness activities. You can model after the University of Newcastle’s Health Fair and scale to a level suitable for you. Some of the activities to include are:

  • Healthy heart checks
  • Healthy eating on a budget
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Posture and movement

32. The Bigger the Fridge, the Better!

An office refrigerator is convenient and betters your employee’s goals of leading a healthy lifestyle. They’ll gladly use it to store their healthy snacks and home-made lunches for the workday. This greatly reduces their chances of buying unhealthy snacks and overly processed restaurant meals – they’ll eat fresh homemade meals.

Another awesome benefit is, they’ll take lesser time eating their lunch and spend the extra time socialising, relaxing, doing quick workouts or even getting back to work early.

Often, it’s easy for people to get used to the office pantry and end up forgetting that it is not theirs alone. Encourage better pantry behaviour with these free to download posters. Stick them on your big office fridge.

Office Pantry Do's and Don'ts

Click here to download.

33. Sleek & Trendy Headsets for Walking Telephone Conversations

Encourage your staff to sometimes walk while having telephone conversations. Provide everybody with a headset for use while on the go. Getting off their chairs will boost the number of steps they take each day.

Caution them to always sanitise their headsets to avoid bacteria build up.

34. Late In Monday or Early Home Friday

Loosen up the discipline a bit on Fridays. Let the weekend start a bit earlier. Consider cutting down the office hours to 6 on Fridays. Sweden already made that move and a step further. Sweden now has 6 hours a day workweek. And the effects are interesting;

  • Happier workers
  • More productivity
  • Healthier workers
  • And a happier management team due to a higher level of productivity.

And isn’t that what you want?

35. Cleanse the Office Air with Plants

Toxins easily find their way into the office air. Intensified exposure to these toxins e.g. formaldehyde, chemicals from different paints, adhesives, and other pollutants may lead to health issues. Actually, occupational allergies e.g. “Sick Building Syndrome” and “Occupational Asthma” are on the rise. Some of their symptoms include;

  • Headaches
  • A runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Tightening sensation in the chest

These symptoms will often get worse while in the work environment and drastically reduce during the weekends or vacations.

To get rid of these toxins or to dramatically reduce their impacts, have air-purifying plants in your office. Besides purifying the air, these plants will also reduce stress, block noise and make the office look beautiful. Some of the inexpensive yet efficient plants you can buy or plant to cleanse the office air are;

  • Dracaena
  • Bamboo Palm
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily

Easy Healthy Choices in the Workplace

36. Create a Recipe Idea Board in your Office Pantry

After spending long hours working, workers can easily feel drained and not in the mood to cook something healthy for their lunch or dinner. However, providing an inspirational ideas board, where everyone puts their favourite healthy recipe can change that.

The rest of the office staff gets to see and get ideas from all the yummy recipes displayed. Undoubtedly, this will encourage healthier eating among your staff.
To spice things up and make it even more fun, start a weekly contest. The winners can then give everyone a bite of their tasty food.

37. Have a Brilliant Office Cookbook

Create an amazing go-to resource full of brilliant meal ideas. Get help from a creative person in your office, who has an undeniable passion for scrapbooking.

This will be the ideal place for everyone to get ideas when they don’t have a clue of what to prepare for their next day office meal.

Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food offers two amazing recipes that you can start with to get the ideas rolling:

38. Order Healthy Farm Fresh Produce

Healthy eating starts with having the best quality foodstuffs. And there is no better place to get regular delivery of delicious and nutritious foods than straight from the farm. Thus, find farmers close to the office that can grow for you fruits, vegetables, free-range chicken, and eggs. You can easily use the farm-fresh produce in a wide range of mouth-watering recipes.

39. Monitor Your Water Intake at Work

Staying hydrated is an essential lifestyle practice especially if you’re spending a significant amount of time in dehydrating conditions e.g. rooms with air conditioning. A smart way to counter the dehydration is to encourage your staff to calculate their daily water intake and stick to it.

An awesome fitness coach, John Fawkes also agrees that you should keep yourself hydrated and advises to do it in the following way:

Most people are chronically dehydrated, which causes low energy, brain fog, and bad moods. Drink water throughout the day. In particular, have a glass of water 20-30 minutes before meals; that will blunt your hunger so you don’t overeat.

Figure out a fun and exciting way to remind employees to regularly take a sip or two of water using:

40. Keep Water Bottle in Line of Sight

A popular proverb ‘Out of sight out of mind’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to water intake. With a busy day at the office, you’ll most likely forget to stand and fetch some water for yourself.

Hidrate Spark has a practical tip: To always place water bottles in the line of sight. Hidrate Spark also produces one of these awesome water bottles and an app.

Trendy and useful water bottles perhaps branded with your company slogan or a motivating quote is an interesting way to get everybody in the habit of drinking water. Go for high-end water bottles with volume markers on them, built-in infusers or even gadgets that control your water intake.

Place your water bottle on your table, desk, beside your computer or anywhere you can’t possibly miss it. Just make sure that by the end of the day the bottle is empty or else you wouldn’t have done a good job hydrating your body that day.

41. Let Sipping Water Be Your Habit

Another sensible idea from Hidrate Spark is to take a sip of water from your water bottle each time you stand up to leave your desk. How many times a day do you get to leave your desk and go somewhere else at work? Take this opportunity to drink more water than you usually do.

Incorporating this simple habit into your daily work routine would help you drink more water each day. Before you know it, every time you want to leave your desk, your hand will reach for a water bottle. Little by little, this neat habit will drastically increase your daily water intake.

42. Install Healthy Vending Machines in your Workplace

Healthy vending machines can be an absolute solution to cut down on unhealthy snacks such as chocolate, sweets, chips and other sugar-packed items. Offering your employees healthier vending options that are easy and quick to get is an awesome idea.

Companies like JR’s Hot Food Vending Machines and ShakesSalad are filled super fresh tasty hot meals, fresh and refrigerated veggies, fruits and granola all perfect for a quick pick me up.

Making healthier food choices available has been linked to reduced sick leave and increased productivity amongst employees. Offer your employees some nutritious meal options ranging from:

  • Peking Pork Pockets
  • Thai Coconut Chicken Salads
  • Caramel Crunch healthy breakfast pots
  • And vegan raw treats.

43. Bust Food Myths

There are a lot of food myths out there. And often these myths can be confusing. When your co-workers decide to improve their eating habits to a healthy lifestyle, they might not know how to do it. Debunk the myths with informative posters.

44. Share Super Veggie Recipe with Colleagues

Vegetables are healthy bombs to healthier, trim and nourished you. Famous for their antioxidants and dietary fibre, these nutritious veggies can easily become your office favourite. Wondering how? Simply pick a super veggie every week and invite co-workers to make and share their mouth-watering recipes. It’s easy to do plus you’ll learn a lot from each other.

45. Sign up for an Office Tailored Cooking Course

Employees can learn more about the benefits of better nutrition through tailored cooking classes. The fun cooking courses will also strengthen their bond and encourage competitive learning. Their culinary skills will also improve a great deal,

There are teams of health enthusiasts, dieticians and nutrition consultants who can host a tailored cooking course for your office.

46. Download Calorie Counter Apps for your Team

Encourage your employees to track their calorie intake with the help of Apps such as MyFitnessPal and Cron-O-Meter.

MyFitnessPal allows you to create meals, track food by barcode scanning and even check your daily intake of different nutrients.

Chrono-O-Meter allows you to make custom foods and recipes, track over 60 nutrients in 50000 foods, log your diet, exercise, biometrics and notes.

47. Eat Colourful Salads

Any food you eat shouldn’t be boring. Including vegetables or salads in all meals is a clever way of making meals look appealing to the eye. For some Inspiration, check out Caroline Trickey’s Salad dressing tips.

Here are some amazing benefits of having your salad every day.

  • They are a natural source of fibre
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps your intake of healthy fats
  • Builds strong bones
  • Improves muscle performance
  • Protects your heart and more

48. Benefit from Nutritional Supplements

It’s advisable to take dietary supplements daily to enhance your health. Discuss the supplement choices with your employees before purchase. As a business owner, you will probably get a better price on some supplements if you buy them in a bulk.

However, if you want to listen to the experts, here is what Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food recommends:

When it comes to supplements I like to use ones that are natural and free from any synthetic nastiness. I like to use Southern Nature who is a great Australian brand. I use their Colostrum Chewable tablets as they are good for digestive health, immune system health and general wellbeing. When your gut is working properly you will find that you have a lot more energy and vitality. Also, I use their Milk Thistle as it is specifically formulated as a liver tonic that aids liver detoxification and you feel less sluggish when your liver is working efficiently.

49. Eat Fish Weekly

Better Health suggests that adults need two or three servings of fish per week. Include yummy fish in your office canteen menu or offer savoury fish based lunch options at least two times a week.

50. Pin “Why Is This Good for Me” Food Posters

Some foods, though not loved much are still consumed for their healthy properties. Getting posters presenting veggies as problem solvers and not just food can increase their consumption and spread awareness.

Anna McDonald from Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic emphasises on the ‘goodness’ of the veggies:

A plant-based diet can also help you better manage existing medical conditions, even reversing some such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty liver! So you can spend less time with the doctors and reduce your reliance on expensive lifelong medications.

51. Giveaway Trendy Office Lunch Boxes

Bringing healthy lunches from home to the office is convenient and cost-effective. Encourage your employees to bring healthy lunches by giving them cool trendy lunch boxes.

Here are some awesome lunchbox friendly food ideas from The Nutrition For Life Team.

  • Leftovers from dinner e.g. roast beef or chicken and vegetables, stir-fry beef or chicken with cauliflower rice, savoury mince with zucchini noodles
  • Shredded BBQ chicken, pan-fried chicken breast or tinned tuna salad with roast vegetables, smashed avocado, feta and/or olive oil dressing
  • Boiled eggs
  • Chopped vegetable sticks (carrot, cucumber, capsicum, celery, etc.)
  • Unsweetened full-fat Greek or natural yoghurt with berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon, nuts, and seeds on top
  • Nuts and seeds (small handful only)
  • Cheese with nut and seed crackers
  • Cheese wrapped in ham
  • Lettuce wraps

52. Do it all for a Reason: Keep the Motivation

Andi Lew is a Certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and she emphasises that there will be tough days when it comes to keeping up the healthy lifestyle.

She smartly claims that you should figure out your reason for wellness and write it down. Getting back to it in those days when your motivation is low will help a lot.

She suggests the following format, jotted down in your book.

I, (name) would like to….

So that I can …..

The second part is your WHY.

53. Share Scrumptious Smoothies and Mocktails

Smoothies and mocktails are known to be nutritious vitamin bombs. Share their recipes around the office. Then, buy a blender and tall smoothie and cocktail glasses for your co-workers to make mouth-watering, heavenly healthy drinks.

Some tantalizing mocktails and smoothies include;

Here is an idea from Ryan and Lee-Anne who run Taste Organic.

Click here to download the refreshing power smoothie poster.

54. Evade the Famous 3 p.m. Crash

John Fawkes, a fitness coach who helps busy professionals lose weight, have more energy, and build healthier habits suggests to:

Cut back on sugars and starches with lunch. Eating an unhealthy lunch is the main cause of the 3 PM crash. To prevent it, cut sugars and processed carbohydrates out of your lunch, and add in more protein and vegetables. A healthy lunch will keep you going strong for the rest of the day, even into the evening.

55. Make Tuesday a Sassy Salad Day

Have everyone bring their favourite salad to work on Tuesdays. Fun Swaps and tastings can all be scheduled for the lunch hours. This will inspire your co-workers to get creative and a bit braver about their taste buds.

While you’re at it, try to keep in mind the great tips about making salads that come from Ryan and Lee-Anne who runs Taste Organic.

They advise you to try and include all the colours for a wide selection of phytonutrients and antioxidants, quality protein such as organic free-range egg, quinoa or smoked salmon, and healthy fats such as avocado, activated nuts and seeds, and olive oil.

Here is their idea for a tasty salad recipe that is quick and easy to make:

Downloadable Sassy Salad Recipe: Veggie Bowl, a healthy recipe from Ryan and Lee-Anne.

56. Regulate Caffeine Intake

Raise the awareness about drinks that contain caffeine and invite co-workers to keep it under 200 mg. If you choose that your caffeine dosage is about to come from coffee or tea, make sure that it’s organic coffee from reliable suppliers.

However, if you are not a huge coffee lover, take a look at the tip that comes from Steve Chapman, CEO of Shine+ :

When you’re at work, try swapping your large cap with 2 sugars for a green tea. Green tea still contains caffeine (in a smaller dosage), but it also has a substance called L-theanine. This works alongside the caffeine to enhance your alertness, but it also helps to reduce the crash and anxiety that is sometimes associated with caffeine intake. You could also try a smart drink, such as the one that shine+ makes. This too contains L-theanine, but also other evidence-based ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng. This is known as an ‘adaptogen’ – shown to help the body deal with stress. Perfect for when

57. Save the Day with Pre-prepared Meals

Another amazing tip from Caroline Trickey and Healthy Home Cafe is to take the time during the weekend to prepare some of the ingredients that you can just freeze and throw in together later during the workweek when you don’t feel like cooking.

She recommends:

She suggests making a weekly meal plan and sticking it to the fridge door, for example. She even offers a meal planning template that you can vary from one week to another.

58. Stock up Some Nutritious Soup

Caroline Trickey from Healthy Home Cafe has an awesome idea about how to get some nutritious soup while in the office: make a large pot of soup during the weekend, portion it and freeze for the entire week. Soup best travels frozen as it won’t spill.

The Best Happiness Boosters at Work

59. Appreciate Good Work with Paid Time Off

Use paid time off awards as an incentive or as a way of recognizing your employees’ accomplishments. That will motivate them to give their best performance without undergoing too much stress. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the paid time off:

  • Reduced unscheduled absences
  • Competitive advantage
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Increase autonomy
  • Higher morale
  • Employee retention
  • Better work-life balance

Evidently, you’ll have a more positive work environment, with reduced workplace-related stress issues and motivated employees. It’s too good of an idea to pass on.

60. Guarantee Work-free Weekends and Afternoons

It is essential that your employees strike a balance between work and other important things in life like family.

Guarantee your employees that their weekends will be free. And also, that any overtime will happen only if agreed upon. This will actually prevent burnout at work and make them feel;

  • Less stressed and tired
  • More in control of their time
  • Better able to make decisions and meet commitments
  • More healthy

61. Offer Professional Development Courses

Give employees interested in professional development a chance to learn more. As a result, they will make career advancements with their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

More so, as an organization, you’ll gain from increased employee retention, reenergized staff, improved efficiency, confidence and credibility among your staff. Even making successions planning will be a lot easier.

62. Campaign Against Smoking

Workplace Resource: Heart Health - Stop smoking

The fact is smoking is harmful to one’s health with many bad effects to the human body. Make efficient anti-smoking campaigns and spread awareness on the dangers of smoking. This will help smokers decide to quit.

63. Fun and Useful Language Courses

As a business, having diversity in spoken languages can enhance your company’s international corporate outlook. Learning a second language has other health benefits, as well. Check out these benefits;

  • Reduces risks of early dementia
  • Improves focus
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Improves memory
  • Boosts attention to details

There are many free language learning websites you can check out to start you off. A tight budget should no longer be an excuse not to learn a new language.

64. Compassion: Offer Personal Emergency Support

Personal emergencies such as unexpected household emergencies, unforeseen auto repair or accident, hot water heater malfunction among other personal emergencies can be considered for paid time off. This compassionate act will make your employees feel more appreciated. Naturally, they will be more dedicated to the company.

65. Support Work-related Personal Projects

Google allows a day off work to their employees if that day is to be spent working on personal projects that have something to do with their company work. This resulted in Gmail and AdSense.

Think about introducing a similar practice in your workplace to tap into that creativity by allowing time and resources.

66. Fantastic Personal Growth Courses

At times, your employees will want to improve their lives, but they might not an idea of how to go about it. Help them out by offering personal growth courses, preferably after work hours.

Boosting the overall happiness levels of your employees will make them better and more satisfied workers.

67. Fabulous Massage and Spa Coupons

Reward your good workers with a much-deserved pampering. Massages and spa treatments will boost your employees’ physical and mental resilience.

Motivational speaker Jamie Brown of the Happiness Ninja suggests taking the idea of massage to the next level by bringing in a massage therapist into the office. They would rotate and provide a free 15-minute massage to all staff once a week.

Alternatively, offer them massage and spa coupons from time to time, especially over the weekend. Their new week is bound to be re-energized after a trip to the spa.

68. Great Fun for the Whole Family

Create fun by organizing an event where everyone can bring their entire family to work. Colleagues and families will strengthen bonds while mingling and freely socialising.

To make the day a success, prepare well in advance and get input from all levels of the company.

69. Life-Saving Personal Finance Courses

Managing personal finances is tough. Often, it’s easy to be bad with your money and make bad financial decisions. When that happens, it can lead a person feeling that they work hard and earn nothing.

Offer personal finance courses that will allow your employees to master their personal finances and live an improved quality life.

Christina Cabrera of Wisdom of Wealth has 30 years of investment experience and skills to transform money mindset, empowering people to make educated choices to themselves and money. She suggests that:

Wealth is created by managing the flow of your money. So checking to see if you have money leaks that you are not aware of is a key element to accumulating wealth. For example, check your regular direct debits. You may find you are paying for things without even knowing or that you have forgotten about. Little savings here and there can make a huge difference. What can you check today to stop unintentional leaks from your money bucket?

70. Delight Your Employees on Their Birthdays

Everyone loves and remembers their birthday fondly. Make it even more memorable by taking note of your staff’s birthday and celebrating with them.

You can make a creative birthday calendar board where you post all the birth dates of your staff. It’ll always be fun because everyone will be looking forward to someone’s birthday. Also, every first day of the month, you could send an email to everyone to have an early start for the birthday celebrations of the month.

Here are some interesting ideas to make the birthday even more special:

  • Decorate their personal desk
  • Give them their favourite sugar treats; red velvet cake, chocolate chip cookies etc.
  • Give them a gift card
  • Take them out for a meal
  • Make charitable contributions on their behalf
  • Give them the day off

Your employees will highly appreciate your tokens and acts of thoughtfulness. They will love their job even more.

71. Provide Child Day Care in the Workplace

Another brilliant idea is to conveniently provide child day care services at the office for parents with young children.

Though perceived as an expensive undertaking, you will eventually save money due to decreasing employee turnover and absenteeism.

Whether you opt for a bring baby to work or an onsite day care program, the new mummies and daddies will appreciate your thoughtfulness and get to concentrate better on their day jobs.

72. Deal with Depression and Anxiety

Often, depression and anxiety, though serious conditions are stigmatized. Help your co-workers by raising awareness about the issue and make your workplace safer.

Although depression can be treated and prevented, at least 75% of all people suffering from major depression do not receive adequate treatment. However, it is not enough to simply scale up services – it is equally important to raise awareness, build understanding and reduce stigma. – – says WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab.

73. Encourage Good Sleeping Habits

Workplace Resource: Heart Health - Have a good sleep

A good night sleep for at least 7- 8 hours is one sure way to a productive and energy filled day. But, sometimes employees get all caught up with work demands and responsibilities that they end up finding it hard to sleep. Insufficient sleep has serious consequences on the human brain and body such as:

  • Short term and long term memory issues
  • Mood changes leading to anxiety or depression
  • Trouble with thinking and concentration
  • Increased risk of car accidents and injuries from other causes
  • Weakened immune defence system
  • Increased risk of high blood pressure
  • Risk of heart disease

Poor balance and coordination leading to falls and other physical accidents.

Encourage your employees to learn and practise good sleeping habits by introducing them into their daily routine.

74. Dignity at Work: Eliminate Bullying and Mobbing

Workplace bullying can greatly affect the employees’ well-being and work performance. Such acts of violence and misconduct should not be tolerated in the workplace. Even the slightest verbal aggressions no matter how “funny” some people may find them should not be tolerated.

Enforce strict rules and regulations against workplace bullying and mobbing to create a positive working environment. Talk openly against this vice and through training programs aimed at enhancing employee-employer communication channels.

75. Learn Proper Breathing Techniques

It’s a worthwhile cause to invite a brilliant expert to teach your employees proper breathing techniques. Here is how your body benefits when you practise proper deep breathing;

  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure and cardiac output
  • Increases oxygen levels in your blood
  • Promotes clearer thinking
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Supports detoxification

76. Help Your Workers Find Purpose in Their Work

Form a daily habit of discussing with your employees about the positive impact of their work. Such discussions will make facing workplace challenges easier because you’ll have a sense of purpose.

Muneesh Wadhwa suggests asking yourself and your co-workers the following questions:

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How does it help your customers, employees, suppliers, community?
  • How does your work make the community a better place?
  • How are you contributing to a better world?
  • How do you help each other do your jobs better?
  • The purpose is about serving people or the planet – how are you in service to others?

The Langley Group also says that many people avoid goal setting because they are scared of failure. Take time to set some big and small goals and encourage your team to do the same. Make your goals personally meaningful and enjoy the boost to your well-being once they are achieved.

The Langley Group also says that staying in the present moment sharpens your focus and helps you appreciate the little things.

77. Cultivate Gratitude and Boost Your Happiness

Your health, happiness and overall satisfaction with life can greatly improve if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

According to Muneesh Wadhwa, you should ask yourself what you are grateful for every day. Adding different things to the list and reading it again the following week’s Monday will help you feel better about your work.

Dr. Timothy Sharp (Dr Happy) says that people should focus on what they have rather than on the things they don’t have. He also advises on focusing on things that one can control and accepting the things that cannot be controlled.

78. Fun Karaoke and Themed Office Costume Parties

Have your employees hold the dress up themed parties. It’s a fun and relaxing way for your employees to get to know each other better in different situations. Moreover, they will get a chance to brag about the fun they have in their workplace.

Dr Megan Oaten reminds us that humour and laughter can reduce the effects of stress. And Karaoke and themed parties will definitely bring out some smiles and laughs.

79. Save Time by Tracking Social Media Use

Social media, if left unchecked can eat into time that could have otherwise been spent by your employees working or relaxing. Using social media timers will help them learn how to improve the quality of their life. How? By closely monitoring how much time they spend on social media and adjusting accordingly.

80. Show Kindness Whenever, Wherever

Brilliant acts of kindness help build strong positive relations. Also, the random kind gestures will brighten your employees’ days and make the working environment vibrant. Introduce it as a way of employees showing appreciation between each other anytime, ‘just because’.

Dr Timothy Sharp (Dr Happy) says that spending time with friends and building positive relations is vital for health and happiness

81. There’s Magic in Smiling

Ros Ben Moshe of Laugh Life Wellbeing Programs shares a golden tip:

Share a smile with someone you ordinarily would not connect with. Consider taking this a step further and find out something new about them. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it has an amazing positive ripple effect. It’s amazing how we can see people every day and not even share a smile or know anything about their lives.

And as you smile some more, you will experience the great benefits of this effortless habit as outlined below:

  • Lowered levels of Stress and anxiety
  • Smiling kills pain
  • It makes you look younger
  • Releases hormones that make you feel happier and more positive
  • Boosts your activity making you more productive
  • Smiling is contagious

82. Fantastic Pickle or Jam Sessions

Homemade jams and pickles are far much healthier than those manufactured in industries. Organise jam making sessions and have everyone at the office participate.

Easy to follow recipes are readily available online to help you make perfect jams and pickled food.

After an eventful afternoon, the staff can carry with them their made stuff for their families.

83. Refreshing Rooftop Luncheons with Colleagues

A change of environment from the normal canteen to the not so ordinary rooftop for a lunch break is refreshing. And the view is simply amazing.

Create a nice and comfortable area complete with chairs, tables and cantilever umbrellas for a fabulous rooftop luncheon. While at it, you can encourage your employees to burn some calories by ditching the elevator for the stairs

84. Skills Swap Sessions

Everyone is great at something. To increase the connection and camaraderie amongst your employees, organize for a skills swap event. The act of sharing knowledge will bring your employees closer while helping each other. Everyone teaches, everyone learns, everyone wins.

85. Support Teenage Parenting

Raising teens is often a very challenging role for most parents. Empower the employees who are parenting teenagers by providing them with useful courses and counselling. The professionals will share valuable lessons on how to best handle their parenting concerns. And in return, they’ll feel valued and cared for at the company.

86. Stress Elimination Techniques

Expressions such as “I am under too much stress”, “I am stressed out” or “working is one big stress” are all too familiar. Living with stress risks your entire well-being. Educate your employees on efficient stress relief techniques such as the 4A’s;

  • Avoid unnecessary stress
  • Alter the situation
  • Adapt to the stressor
  • Accept the things you can’t change

You can also check out useful resources on the internet for more insights. Also, download free stress management posters and strategically pin them around the office.

87. Bring Your Dog to Work Day

We all love our furry little friends, so much that bringing them to work is a fun idea. A pet-friendly workplace leads to physical and mental health benefits. It promotes a healthier work-life balance and reduces stress. The presence of furry friends also improves conversations and connections between co-workers. More so it promotes adoptions to the co-workers who don’t own dogs

A perfect day for celebrating man’s best friend is June 23rd because it is the International Take Your Dog to Work Day. Check out these guidelines for a smooth experience.

Fun-Packed Company Contests and Playful Games

88. Join Efforts for Total Office Weight Challenge

This challenge calls for teamwork. Start by measuring everyone’s weight at the same time. Then make a joint effort to lose weight and regularly measure yourselves.

To make it even more enticing, you can come up with a joint award for everyone who shows progress. An example of a useful award is a corporate cook shop where everyone will be taught neat tricks on ways to make their nutrition healthier and better.

89. “The Biggest Loser” Gets Awarded

Figure out brilliant and exciting prizes to award to employees who are fittest or those that make the most progress. It can be progress in weight loss, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol levels etc.

Seek ideas from your employees. Brainstorm with your employees for inspirational and worthwhile prizes.

90. Daily Mindbender Word Challenge

Every day, set and email your staff a word of the day challenge. Get everyone to reply with their first guess. The first one to get the correct answer is the winner.

This fun mind-bending challenge helps expand vocabulary and improve memory skills. Also, your employees get to interact and engage with you.

A useful tip to give your employees a little more detail of your business is to pick a “word of the day” related to your service or product.

91. Runs for a Bigger Cause

Fun runs and charity races are worthy friendly runs for raising money and awareness in support of a charity. Organise these events and let your employees invite their families for a fun-filled day for a bigger cause. You’ll get the satisfaction of doing a good deed.

92. Adrenaline-Pumping Paintball Games

Paintball definitely makes one of the most common and effective team building activities. Organise competitions within your company or against other companies. Paintball tournaments are unforgettable experiences.

93. Engaging Indoor Activities

Organize tournaments in a recreational room for those who frown upon paintball. The employees can come up with the tournament games and participate. The competitions can either be for single players or teams from different departments. While at it, complement this fun activity by serving or selling healthy snacks.

94. Gamify the Workplace

Turn your employees’ work tasks into day-to-day challenges. Gary Ng claims that this increases productivity and makes the workday pass a lot faster for those in the office.

Furthermore, he claims that employees reported that they would agree to be paid less if their workplace came with the daily challenges that would allow them to make certain and constant progress, without too much stress.

95. Exciting Raw Food Challenge

Raw food lunches challenge will help you get the full nutrients and natural enzymes from a diet of mainly fruits, vegetables and grains. Take up the challenge with your employees for a month or so. See who can keep up with that.

96. Seek Medical Advice Before Physical Activities

It is advisable to consult the doctor before engaging in any demanding physical activities such as workouts. And especially for those who are over 40 years, have heart problems or other risky conditions.

Before any marathon, races, calorie counters and similar challenges, ensure that your employees get an ‘ok’ from the doctor.

97. Celebrate All Victories

Positive feedback does wonders for morale. So, publicly celebrate all your employees achieved small victories and steps towards employee wellness goals.

In this way, everybody can focus on the good things they did and the things they generally do well. Dr Timothy Sharp claims that is one of the keys to happiness.

The Langley Group advises that people should be congratulated on the job well done and the good things that will happen from day to day should be savoured. Acknowledge the good things that your team achieved and give them a chance to celebrate their success.

Employees who report receiving recognition and praise within the last seven days show increased productivity, get higher scores from customers, and have better safety records. They’re just more engaged at work. – – Tom Rath

Corporate Holiday Themed Ideas

98. Set Clear Weight and Dietary Goals

It’s important to set stellar goals before the holiday season sets in. True be told, the holiday season can be very tricky. You may easily find yourself going over the top with food.

Stick to your set goals throughout the festive season. And have the entire office make public their diet goals and stick to them.

99. New Year – New Employee Wellness Resolutions

Easier said than done; maintaining New Year’s resolutions can be very challenging. It is tough but not impossible.

Inspire your employees to make and follow their new year resolutions. Here are ways that can help them keep up the enthusiasm;

  • Collect each employee’s wellness resolutions and pin them on your company board to remind them of their targets.
  • Post everyone’s resolutions on the workstations to serve as a constant reminder
  • Reward those who endure with days off work

100. Show Some Heart Love on St Valentine’s Day

Have a healthy life by having a healthy heart. Try out these Valentine’s Day fun and healthy ideas from Pinterest by Amazing Health that are good for your heart.

Let everyone do something good for their heart on the Valentine’s Day. This can include:

  • Eating a variety of healthy foods
  • Achieve and maintain healthy weight
  • Be physically active
  • Be smoke-free
  • Manage diabetes, blood pressure or blood cholesterol

Everything that benefits your heart goes.

101. Swap Healthier Holiday Recipes

Holiday food is ever tempting, so much that it’s hard to say no. You can make an effort to make the food healthier. A recipe swap among your employees will fix that. Just remind them to only bring their healthiest and most delicious recipes.

102. Swap Terrific Sugar-Free Cookies

Organize for a sugar-free cookie swapping event to pick the best sugar-free cookie. There are many sugarless cookie recipes available. Such an event will inspire your co-workers to make healthier choices for their deserts.

Julie Meek warns about chocolate and other junk food fundraising. They are quite frequent during the holiday season. Replace those with healthier options.

103. Say No to Overstuffing- Pledge to Holiday Half a Portion

Holidays are filled with a lot of traditionally made foods that nothing but delicious. And overstuffing yourself is so easy. Take a “Half a Portion Pledge” together with your employees. Also, invite them to take a photo of their portions and share them on your company’s social media pages like Instagram and Facebook.

Dani Stevens, fitness and lifestyle blogger suggests that you can indulge in holiday treats, but you should do it in moderation. Here are her words:

You are on holiday after all. Don’t feel bad about allowing yourself a few indulgences here and there (cake, alcohol, etc.) just not every day. Aim for a weekly treat or two, Okay?

104. Grand Leftover Party

Another awesome idea besides donating leftover food is to share and eat together. After the holidays, organize for a leftover party and have everyone bring the food that has not been eaten. It will be a fun employee get together party.

105. Scenic Frisky Picnic Day

Organise for an exciting picnic day. Assign duties and responsibilities among your staff for a successful picnic filled with fresh air, beautiful scenery, healthy foods and fun activities.

106. Indulge in Green Veggies on St Patrick’s Day

Perhaps you may not have a lot of Irish people in your workplace, but it’s still a nice theme. Simply put, it will inspire your employees to eat healthily.

Follow this list of green and healthy Irish-inspired St. Patrick’s day recipes from Pinterest by Vegetarian Times board.

107. Spread the Cheer: Secret Santa

It is fun, easy and interesting to organise the Secret Santa game in the office. This is one of those games that boosts morale and makes employees feel better about their work.

108. Rattling Christmas/Easter Potluck Party

Plan a nice holiday potluck party for your office and limit the food choices to sugar-free or organic-only recipes.

This simple condition will make food preparation and recipe choice fun and interesting. It will also be educational for your employees. They will have a first-hand experience that preparing healthy food isn’t all that hard after all. They will therefore be inspired to keep a healthier lifestyle.

109. Halloween Healthy Pumpkin Snacks

A healthier alternative to the many sugar-packed Halloween tricks or treats is healthy pumpkin treats. Have your colleagues exchange healthy recipes for the healthier Halloween alternatives.

Employee Wellness Can Transform Your Workforce and Workplace

Now it’s your turn. Emulate these tips for a fun and enticing work environment. Be that company that goes over and beyond to keep its workforce happy and healthy. Be the company that attracts top quality talent and keeps the around longer. And like we said, you will notice their boosted morale, increased efficiency and productivity. Naturally, they will be happier with their jobs.

Meanwhile, check out Alsco’s office and workplace tailored services. The smart and hassle-free solutions will help you keep your workplace healthy and hygienic. Keep in mind that workplace hygiene is fundamental to a healthy and well workforce. Get in touch with Alsco today. You’ll be glad you did.