Eyewash Station Signs

Eyewash stations should be located in a well-lit area with a sign so it can be easily seen and identified whenever the need arises. The speed of access can make a difference, it can save one’s eyesight from severe and permanent damage. That’s why Alsco has created a wide range of Eyewash Station signs that you can place in strategic locations at your workplace.

There is an Eyewash Station Sign for just about any location, or purpose, that you may need at your workplace. The locations should be clearly visible to your employees and not obstructed by any object.

So, go through the different signs below and select the appropriate sign for any location. Use these signs below and keep your employees safe. You can choose a format that suits your requirements.

Note: These posters are free, downloadable and print-ready. Download and print them now!

A4 Eyewash Station Maintained By

Place this poster beside your Alsco Eyewash Station to make a statement of assurance that your eyewash stations are fool-proof and well-maintained by Alsco.

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A4 Eyewash Stationed Inside

Do you have your eyewash station inside? Make sure your staff know. Pin this free and downloadable poster at the right locations.

Download PDF [428KB]
Download PNG [245KB]
Download JPG [215KB]


A4 Eyewash Keep Area Clear

Make sure that your eyewash stations are always accessible. Remind your staff to always have the area clear in case of eyewash emergencies. Send this message through this poster.

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Download PNG [227KB]
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A4 Eyewash Arrow Downward

Is your eyewash station found down below? No problem, use this poster to direct your staff to the right direction.

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A4 Eyewash Station Location

Is your eyewash station located in another building? at the corner? in the next room? This poster will allow you to manually add its location.

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A4 Eyewash Arrows Left & Right

Need left or right arrows to point your eyewash station locations? Get these print-ready eyewash arrows.

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A4 Eyewash Station Refills

An eyewash station poster with Alsco’s phone number. In case you ran out of eyewash, Alsco is just one call away. Use this poster so your staff will know who to call for refills.

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A4 Eyewash Emergency Contact

An eyewash station poster with a field to place your emergency contact number so you can add your workplace first aider’s number.

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