First Aid Signs

There’s not much point in a First Aid kit that no-one can find in an emergency. That’s why we’ve created a range of first aid signs available for free download – in a format to suit you.

There’s a First Aid sign available for just about any location you’d need in your workplace. Whether it’s a sign for the staffroom telling employees where the First Aid Kit is located or a sign to place immediately above your First Aid supplies, you’ll find something that suits your needs. So, browse through the various signs below and make sure that every staff member knows exactly where to find First Aid supplies.

Note: These posters are free, downloadable and print-ready. Download and print them now!

A4 First Aid

Download PDF [414KB]
Download PNG [101KB]
Download JPG [113KB]


A4 First Aid Diagonal Left Arrow

Download PDF [424KB]
Download PNG [162KB]
Download JPG [164KB]


A4 First Aid Diagonal Right Arrow

Download PDF [424KB]
Download PNG [160KB]
Download JPG [168KB]


A4 First Aid Arrow Down

Download PDF [417KB]
Download PNG [127KB]
Download JPG [115KB]


A4 First Aid Double Arrows

Download PDF [422KB]
Download PNG [154KB]
Download JPG [161KB]


A4 First Aid Kit Is Located

Download PDF [425KB]
Download PNG [140KB]
Download JPG [155KB]


A4 First Aid Station

Download PDF [416KB]
Download PNG [122KB]
Download JPG [133KB]


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