5 Safety Garments & Equipment for the Food Processing Industry

Published March 26, 2020

The food processing industry demands good hygiene and proper safety measures. 

Workers are constantly surrounded by dangerous hazards in the workplace and are prone to experiencing various accidents and health risks if not monitored properly. Hygiene is also a huge issue as employees are responsible for handling different chemical substances and are continuously exposed to harmful bacteria in the workplace. These nasty germs and chemicals can lead to long-term health problems and contamination, which can be easily spread around the work environment. 

To keep your business protected from workplace hazards, here are the top safety garments and equipment for the food processing industry.

Food Processing Garments 

The cleanliness and hygiene of your workers should be prioritised above all else. A simple contamination could lead to catastrophe throughout the workplace. Protective garments are absolutely crucial for any employees working in food manufacturing, processing and packaging. By using food processing garments, staff can be protected from germs, contaminations and infections at all times. 

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service provides businesses with a flexible range of fresh, crisp and hygienic food processing garments in a convenient and affordable manner. These garments can be branded to improve your company’s professional image, while elevating team morale for greater workplace productivity. Sourced from the highest quality manufacturers, these uniforms are perfect for providing long-lasting anti-bacterial defense against germs, and fulfils food industry hygiene regulations (HACCP). 

Safety Floor Mats 

All workplace environments must be kept as clean and hygienic as possible. Safety floor mats are a fantastic way to promote both safety and cleanliness in the food processing industry,  from high traffic mats to anti-fatigue mats. Safety mats help to protect floors from dirt and premature wear, while also reducing the risk of accidents from slippery surfaces. 

Here are the main types of mats to keep your workers safe and healthy: 

  • High Traffic Mats prevent injuries arising from busy high foot-traffic areas, including entrances and exit points. They reduce the need for wet mopping, waxing and shampooing, while reducing the maintenance costs for carpeting and flooring. Made from durable anti-slip rubber and textured gripping, these highly absorbent mats can capture 80% of dirt/dust. 
  • Anti Fatigue and Wet Area Mats are designed to offer maximum comfort, safety and durability for staff. Manufactured to reduce aching strains from prolonged sitting or standing, these mats can improve employee wellbeing and productivity by minimising fatigue and noise. They also promote cleanliness through their antimicrobial material which is resistant to oil, grease and water. Accidents are reduced through the non-slip textured gripping and drainage holes.
  • Safety and Message Mats are perfect for reminding employees of the company’s safety policies and procedures. The food processing industry is heavily ridden with many potential hazards, so workers must constantly be alert to minimise personal risk. Having a high-grip surface to prevent accidents, safety and message mats are also custom designed with striking imagery and artwork, reinforcing the business’s most relevant safety information.

Hospitality Linen 

Hospitality linen is an essential for any food processing workplace. By investing in linen products, businesses can provide high-quality sanitary working conditions to keep employees feeling clean and productive. Adhering to the highest standards of food processing hygiene, hospitality linen can add a layer of professionalism for any business. The luxurious quality, clean look and fabric texture can make a significant difference to the workplace.

Alsco’s Linen Service is a convenient and economical program which delivers a fresh supply of linen with no capital investment. This affordable service includes regular cleaning, pick-up, delivery and inventory management. There is a wide range of linen suitable for the food processing workplace, mainly including tea towels alongside food and glass wipes. 

  • Tea Towels are versatile for any industry, but are especially important in the food processing sector. Having crisp and fresh tea towels on-hand at all times can eliminate many safety and hygiene issues – employees can use these 100% cotton, antibacterial and high absorbent cloths to wipe down dirty surfaces, equipment and machinery. Perfect for helping businesses to look fresh and feel fabulous. 
  • Food and Glass Wipes are a cost-effective, time-efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean up any surface. Unlike disposable wipes which eventually end up in landfill, Alsco’s wipes are recyclable and biodegradable, whilst adhering to strict HACCP regulations. Food wipes are colour-coded for cross contamination and glass wipes are suitable for glass detailing and cleaning – both are freshly laundered and delivered to your business’s doorstep on a regular basis. 

First Aid Kits 

First aid kits are one of the most important elements of safety and health for the food processing industry. They must be stocked with carefully-chosen, hospital grade supplies every quarter. This includes crucial first aid supplies such as bandages, antibiotics, minor and serious wound protections and burn treatments. First aid kits can prevent all sorts of injuries and health risks from occurring in the work environment, especially in the food processing industry where dangerous hazards can occur such as slippery floors, hazardous chemicals and vapours, harmful bacteria, etc.

Alsco’s Managed First Aid Kits will keep all businesses safe and compliant with WSH legislation all year round. This rental service is carefully tailored to meet any business’s needs in the food processing dimension at an affordable all-inclusive monthly fee. While being limitlessly restocked with hospital-grade first aid supplies, Alsco’s team will install the first aid kits in compact, highly-visible cabinets at strategic locations around the workplace, providing greater health and safety accessibility for employees. 


A clean and hygienic washroom is a basic but essential requirement for all workplaces – the food processing sector is no exception. While ensuring that employees are kept feeling happy and healthy, it also fosters a pleasant, aromatic environment for staff and visitors alike.                            Poor hygiene and sanitation in any type of food processing business is a big no-no, especially as bacteria, grime and dust can cause illnesses and contamination to spread among workers.

To prevent this from happening, there are various ways that businesses can optimise their washroom: 

  • Odour control is needed for a clean, fresh-smelling washroom. This can be achieved by installing automatic wall-mounted air fresheners, which are designed to dispense a measured dose of fragrance at selected intervals. These are environmentally-friendly (made from natural oils) and do not use CFCs. 
  • Hand Hygiene systems are essential for preventing illnesses in any food processing environment. This doesn’t just involve washing hands using the proper equipment, but also drying them. There are various hand hygiene facilities that can be installed: paper hand towels, automatic paper roll dispensers, soap dispensers, hand sanitisers and automatic hand dryers.  
  • Consumables are suitable for any washrooms. All dispensers are wall-mounted by experienced technicians and there is no capital outlay or maintenance cost. Alsco offers a comprehensive range of toilet tissues such as Jumbo toilet roll dispensers, Jumbo toilet rolls and toilet seat sanitisers. 


The food processing industry is bound to have many health and safety risks. All workplaces should be taking precautionary measures to protect their workers from dangerous hazards. This involves investing in the proper safety garments and equipment through Alsco’s Managed Rental Services for Singaporean Food Processing companies.

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