Alsco Ecosafe WasherAt Alsco, we believe our products should not only clean oil and grease off parts, but they should also not be harmful to your health and safety. Our Ecosafe Washer is an aqueous based parts cleaner and, unlike solvent cleaners, is not harmful to the user or the environment. The days of breathing in vapours off solvents and immersing your hands into harmful chemicals is no longer a necessity. The Alsco Ecosafe Washer is now the safe alternative.

When you look at the benefits of our rental program you’ll see it makes good business sense:

  • No capital outlay
  • We supply, maintain and replenish the consumables
  • One rental price and no further costs
  • It is tax deductable
  • Avoids purchasing, re-ordering and storage costs
  • Availability assured on time, when you need it

Ecosafe Washer

As industries become more aware of the environment and the need for safer workplaces, best practices are changing towards new products like the water based parts washers.

The Alsco Ecosafe Washer is water based and exists in its own eco environment where oil and grease are turned into water and carbon dioxide (bio remediation). This ensures a safer workplace where you clean parts without breathing or soaking your hands in dangerous hydrocarbons.

Quite simply our Ecosafe Washer is the safer, economical solution to cleaning oils and greases off mechanical parts without the need for harmful solvents.

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