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5 Surprising Office Things You Can Recycle

Published February 5, 2018

Recycling is a big deal in the business world today. One of the prerequisites for an office to call itself modern is to be environmentally conscious by conserving power and recycling.

Recycling in the business world is mostly associated with paper and plastic. Companies need paper for all kinds of reasons and plastic frequently enters the office through the contents of employees lunch boxes.

This article will suggest five more items which could be found in almost every office and which can be used as material for recycling. Here are 5 such additional items that recycle bins can be set up for – some of which, we’re sure, you’ve never thought of.

1. Eye Glasses

Believe it or not, eye glasses can be reused. In fact, Lions Clubs International have recycling centres in Singapore and around the world to gather unwanted glasses and send them to third world countries so others can benefit from them.

Why not set up an eyeglasses box, and ask staff members who have old glasses at home, or have recently gotten new ones, to donate them? Before they know it, their bifocals will find their way to faces in Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and India, being put to vital use once again.

2. Mobile Phones

It is amazing how many people don’t know what to do with their old mobile phones.

We all love to get the newest and the ‘wow-est’ on the market, and end up leaving the old one in a drawer at home. What could be more logical than setting up a phone recycling bin at work.

What is more, there are charities and organisations that would love to get their hands on these phones, so you can help the environment and raise funds for good causes too.

3. Broken And Damaged Gadgets

Small gadgets often fall victim to carelessness of their owners. MP3 players, smart watches and similar devices can get seriously damaged in case they are dropped into a cup of coffee or sat on.

Old mobile phones have already been mentioned as great candidates for recycling, but you should know that you can do the same with basically any gadget. Be it a pocket radio, a calculator or a plain old desk phone, once they are broken they are all ready for a recycle bin.

4. Umbrellas And Rainwear

How many umbrellas have you seen sticking out of rubbish bins as you walk through shopping and commercial districts? Many people don’t realise that the rainwear they might tear on the way to work can the recycled too. It is the same for rain coats, and any rain-proof clothing made of polyester.

So, if a gale force wind turns your colleagues’ umbrellas into a haggard mess and tears their light rain-proof jackets and trousers, simply place them in a box and hand it over to your local recycling company. You may need to contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out who will take them.

5. Inedible Peanuts

Sounds strange, but we are talking about the polystyrene packing peanuts that come with new electronics goods. Instead of throwing out these light little balls of foam, many moving firms are only too pleased to see them coming their way. This stands for all foam packing items.

So, while the cardboard box the new screens came in is added to the paper recycling pile, and the interior plastic bag to the plastics recycling pile, the little foam peanuts can create a polystyrene pile. These can be reused, rather than recycled, but either way, the world will be a little bit cleaner.

A comprehensive recycling program is a significant step towards a greener workplace.

Using products made of recycled materials can be a great step in greenifying your workplace. Things like floor mats and continuous cloth towels can all now be made using recycled materials, which means they are the environmentally friendly solution your office needs.

Recycling Is The Essential Part Of Going Green

The importance of recycling in the preservation of our environment can’t be overstated. Regular recycling both at home and at work is a prerequisite for living an ecologically responsible life. Many of Alsco’s products and services, such as Evolution Mats and Continuous Towels, are designed to help you do whatever you can to preserve nature.

The Evolution Mats are great for dealing with dirt and liquid, absorbing up to 80% of dirt and dust and either absorbing or repelling water depending on the mat. Cloth Towels are absorbent, hygienic, fresh and soft, offering significant environmental benefits, with less than half the environmental impact of paper towels, using up to 63% less energy, and creating 48% less greenhouse gases.

Contact Alsco to find out how you can get started today.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Images by Ramsey County Minnesota

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