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4 Easy Tips for an Effective Washroom Eco-clean Policy

Published April 5, 2017

Your washroom can be a deal breaker when it comes to gaining new customers!

It is true that a large percentage of customers rates your business based on the customer service received and the condition of your public use facilities like the toilet.

Nature calls unannounced and these calls have to be attended to in a clean toilet. If your facilities cannot provide one for your customer – they will be very disappointed.

A badly kept toilet can make a business lose customers. This can give your business a bad name, or even worse! It can be talked about on social media by the disappointed customer and we all know how that can end – a trending topic that can last for days.

A clean toilet evokes positive feelings in customers and associates them with your business. Furthermore, the customers will appreciate the effort you made for them to feel comfortable and relaxed when they have to use the toilet.

The positive effects of a clean washroom in the workplace on the employees are absolutely worth keeping that place clean.

However, just the cleanliness itself is not enough. The washroom should also be kept eco-clean. Why eco-clean, you may wonder? Because in that way your employees are safer, since they do not use chemicals that are harmful to their health.

What is the difference between a clean washroom and an eco-clean washroom?

The main difference is reflected in the efficiency of the cleaning practices to reduce the presence of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the washroom. With using ‘green’, eco products, you clean but do not harm anyone. Not the employees nor the environment.

Keeping the washroom eco-clean will not only exceed the conventional practices used to keep the facilities working properly, but also protect the employees from sickness and illnesses that can result from using chemical products for cleaning, which can be very toxic.

A seemingly clean looking toilet can still be a breeding ground for bacteria too small for the eyes to see. For this reason, many businesses have used the reliable services of eco-cleaners like the Washroom service.

Have you ever tried to imagine how unsafe toilets can be?

All this talk about toilets being a breeding ground for harmful bacteria might not sound so scary. After all, you have used an uncountable number of toilets and you are yet to fall ill after using one.

We should be thankful that our bodies have a high level of resistance to these harmful microorganisms that can be contacted in the toilets.

E.coli bacteria is a harmful bacteria

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Images by VeeDunn

Still, scientific evaluations have proven that it is likely to find flu causing bacteria, e-Coli, staphylococcus and gastroenteritis causing germs in the washrooms and they can be potentially dangerous to anyone especially people with compromised immune systems.

Tips to stay healthy, clean and green

There are simple habits that can be maintained to keep the washrooms clean and healthy for everyone. We have included some basic ways this can be done.

1. Use eco-friendly ways to dispose of the waste

It is not very healthy to use open bins for refuse disposal. These bins stay opened and there are chances that the bacteria contained in the waste can still get to people who use the washroom.

The right practice is to use waste bins with a good cover. The bins should also be fitted with biodegradable liners on the inside. These bin bags should be carefully disposed of every day or as soon as they are filled up.

Sanitary bins for your washroom by Alsco

The female washrooms also need a good disposal unit for sensitive waste like sanitary napkins. There should be posters put up to guide every user about the proper way these facilities should be used.

These systems have been improved by impressive innovations that have disposable biodegradable liners in the disposal units. Some also come with oil deodorants to neutralise the bad smell.

These disposal units are reliable and they keep the waste completely secured until they are removed when filled up.

2. Deal with the odour without polluting the air

The characteristic smell of the washroom is a common feature. The distinctive smell is usually a result of the prolonged use of the urinals which leads to accumulation of the uric crystals.

This is a medium upon which bacteria can thrive, so the presence of smell means something more needs to be done.

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The use of automated air fresheners in small dispensers is the answer. This CFC free equipment will neutralise the smell.

Alternatively, sanitisers can be frequently used for the urinals and toilets to prevent the accumulation of the uric crystals.

3. Prevent the cross contamination

Cross contamination is the easiest and quickest way for an illness to be spread in the workplace. When the right measures have been put in place to ensure the washroom is eco-clean, the chances of cross contamination happening are reduced.

Cross contamination can happen:

  • by not washing the hands after flushing the toilet.
  • when using the hot air hand dryers wrongly.
  • when coming in contact with tap heads and sinks that have already been contaminated. Sinks provide a convenient festering ground for microorganisms.

Cross contamination can be prevented by keeping the washroom clean.

Clean looking washroom for employees

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There will be fewer sick days and more healthy employees when the workplace washrooms are kept clean.

Various statistics and reports have indicated that a high frequency of sick days will cost the business a lot of money. Sick days result in an estimated loss of $225 billion annually as reports by the ISSA. This translates to a 54% loss in productivity.

Many businesses cannot afford these losses, it is more cost effective to put the effective measures that will ensure the workplace and washrooms are kept clean and bacteria free.

Efforts should be made to regularly disinfect all surfaces, keep the washrooms properly aerated and sanitised and carrying out regular cleaning of the workplace.

Bacteria that linger in the air inside washrooms can be neutralised by using toilet sanitisers. It is also important to provide hand sanitisers for the employees to when they are done from the washroom. Hot air hand dryers should be substituted by disposable paper towels.

4. Thoroughly clean the toilet using green products

The washroom should be clean and hygienic at all times. The distinctive fresh smell in a washroom will make every user feel comfortable knowing that this aroma means the washroom has been previously cleaned.

Eco-friendly cleaning materials

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Images by Mike Mozart

However, while it may be tempting to use strong and aggressive chemicals, it is much better and much more responsible to use green cleaning products. They are just as effective, but they are much better for the environment.

Everyone appreciates a clean environment

Walking into a clean workplace is an awesome feeling. The first thing that hits you is the fresh smell of the room, and then you notice the clean environment.

This is good enough to encourage employees to be productive and impress the visitors at the same time.

When the business owners show a commitment to keeping the workplace clean and conducive for the everyone, these efforts will be appreciated and supported.

You can get this effect in your workplace and washrooms by using an effective odour control system. It is automatically programmed to dispense a pleasant fragrance at specific intervals.

Cleaning your workplace and the washrooms can be even easier to accomplish. Alsco can help you with that.

Our professional cleaning services will meet your needs, so feel free to call us now.

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