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Set Green Goals For A Cleaner Future

Published November 27, 2017

You can create your own Green Office goals, and work with your colleagues to achieve greater green credentials in your office. Below are some ideas for goals.

Goals For The Next Year

  • Cut down on energy consumption by 5%. Some fairly quick and efficient ways to reduce energy consumption are switching computers and other machines off when they are not used, as well as using cloth towels for hand drying.
  • Create some sort of incentive for departments in your company which manage to reduce their waste.
  • Attempt to encourage people to go to work by bicycle. A 25% percent increase in bike users is a success.
  • Start an office composting program.
  • Let your clients now that you are “going green”.

Goals For The Next Five Years

  • Install solar panels, a garden roof, skylights and/or a “cool” roof.
  • Reduce energy usage by 20%.
  • Replace commodes and sinks with more efficient models.
  • Replace your heating and cooling system with one with more programming options.
  • Go tankless! Depending on your office size, switch to a tankless water heater.

Goals For The Next 10 Years

  • Introduce more natural lighting into your office. This will make it possible for artificial lighting to stay off for longer periods of time.
  • Eliminate the needs for transportation as much as possible. Consider Skype conferencing when dealing with clients and enable your workers to work from home if it is possible.
  • Stop using water from the water supply system to water plants in and around your building. This can be efficiently performed using rainwater.
  • Make sure your building conforms with LEED standards.
  • Hire a professional in environmental protection to assess where you are in terms of protecting the environment and recommend further steps to reduce your footprint.

Go Green With Alsco

Alsco offers a variety of solutions to help make your workplace a greener environment. These include our Evolution Mats, and our Continuous Towels. The revolutionary Evolution Mats are made from recycled eco-friendly materials. The continuous Cloth Towel also offers important benefits with less impact on the environment. The use of cotton towels are environmentally friendlier than paper.

For any of the above, all you need to do is ask Alsco. If that green office is one of your priorities, then why delay?

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