How Safety Mats Can Enhance the Welfare of Employees

Published April 14, 2020

Many businesses overlook the importance of safety mats in the workplace.

Safety mats prevent accidents or severe injuries in hazardous areas and make employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. However, what businesses often fail to realise is that there are many different types of safety mats designed to protect employees from various challenges. 

From dust-proof welcome mats to anti-fatigue mats, safety mats are an incredibly useful and durable piece of equipment that all workplaces should invest in.

Here’s several ways that safety mats can enhance the wellbeing and safety of employees. 

Anti-Fatigue & Stress

Industrial safety mats significantly increase comfort levels and employee productivity. They are specifically designed to reduce pressure, cramps and muscle strains caused by sitting or standing in one position for a long time.

Anti-fatigue mats are extremely versatile and can be used in many different workplace settings, whether this be the food manufacturing and processing industry, healthcare, corporate or industrial sectors.

Firm, light and bouncy, anti-fatigue mats can support people standing on their feet for hours. They are built from specialised waterproof and anti-bacterial rubber – a match made in heaven for optimal workplace safety. The non-slip surface and textured backing provides a strong grip to minimise any accidents. 

Reinforcement of Safety Messages 

Workplace accidents can be reduced by using mats with safety reminders and cautionary messages. Safety and message mats promote a secure and healthy company culture by gently reminding employees of the most important safety rules throughout office hours.

They are specially designed with powerful messages which reinforce the company’s safety policies and procedures. With safety messages displayed on mats around the workplace, employees will undoubtedly be more aware of their surroundings. 

Safety and message mats use vibrant and distinctive artwork to alert the individual of hazards. There are a diverse array of relevant messages and safety notices to use, with an option to uniquely customise the designs based on the company’s own needs and branding. 

Floor Protection 

Due to high foot traffic in busy areas within the workplace, the health and safety of employees can be compromised. From doorways to entrances and exit points, high traffic mats with durable anti-slip rubber are an excellent solution to keep the workplace clean and safe. 

High traffic mats are also effective in reducing costs involved with floor maintenance and repair, which minimises stress and fatigue within employees. In fact, they capture 80% of dirt and dust, which substantially improves the hygiene and sanitation of the workplace. The mats are also highly water absorbent, which is useful for preventing accidents on slippery floors.

Many industrial safety mats not only use high-quality materials to reduce grime and moisture, they also have resistance against grease, oil and abrasive chemical substances. This makes high foot traffic and floor protection mats an ideal solution for busy industrial areas as they contain non-slip backing, alongside tough and durable 100% nylon triple strand piles. 

Corporate Brand Identity & Cohesion

The welfare of employees not only depends on the minimisation of physical hazards and injuries – it also includes their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Corporate and logo mats can make a big difference in promoting the company’s overall image and atmosphere, ensuring that there is a level of professionalism, warmth and cohesion in the business workplace. This can enhance inclusiveness, commitment and loyalty within employees.

Using advanced ChromaJet printing technology, corporate and logo mats are fantastic for emphasising the brand identity of the business…from flawless logo designs and company slogans to customised images and personalised artwork.They also reinforce stability and comfort through their high-grip, dirt-proof surface. 

Floor mats are a crucial component of workplace safety. 

So why the hesitation? Alsco’s Complete Mat Rental Service prioritises the safety and wellbeing of employees. We deliver amazing floor mats in a cost-efficient and up-to-date manner. These mats are regularly maintained and washed for your business’s convenience. Call us today for a quick quote!   

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