Improve Workers Health and Well-Being by having a Managed Uniform Service

Published July 29, 2020

Having happy and healthy employees can lead to increased productivity in organisations. A safer and cleaner organisation where employees are happy to be present and perform their roles, will decrease employee absenteeism. By using a managed rental uniform service, businesses can reduce employees’ stress in a variety of ways.

Firstly, when using a managed rental program such as Alsco, uniforms are always clean and well maintained, with all uniforms looking fresh and repaired if required. It is vital that your employees’ uniforms are clean and well maintained at all times. A clean and hygienic uniform provides a happy experience for your customers, which in turn reflects on your brand. Having a clean uniform can also improve your staff’s health by reducing cross contamination. Nurses’ uniforms have been found to contain e-coli and bacteria, when being washed at home, while also contaminating other clean items that your staff wash alongside their uniform. It has also been found that guidelines for washing uniforms were also not provided or were inconsistent with national standards. By outsourcing and having a managed uniform service, you can ensure you’re doing the best to maintain your employees health, as well as their family’s health.

Washing uniforms at home can be a hassle. Keeping track of how many clean uniforms you have, while remembering which ones need altering or repairs can lead to unnecessary stress. Everyone has different personal standards and what might appear clean and tidy to one individual, may look unprofessional to another. Working shifts in certain industries, such as the food & beverage, manufacturing or pharmaceutical industry, can be tiring and often involve long hours. After an extended shift, many employees just want to relax and spend some time with their family. This is completely understandable, but can in turn lead to them forgetting to wash their uniform, and returning the next day with unsanitary uniforms. Having all your uniform laundry needs outsourced, reduces employees stress and allows them to have one thing less on their mind, so they can focus on doing their job well.

The initial cost of purchasing uniforms can be quite expensive. Some employees may not have the means to purchase the recommended amount and may only buy the minimum, e.g. only purchasing one apron as opposed to a recommended 5 for the week. Your employees want to complete their job to the best of their ability but are also here to earn an income, and large upfront uniform costs can often cause stress that could be easily avoided.  By using a rental uniform service, there is no employee investment in uniforms, which allows for an easier onboarding process for your business. For a weekly cost, fresh, clean and hygienic uniforms are delivered while unsanitary uniforms are picked up and transported to the cleaning facility. This reduces the need for the staff to spend their money on uniforms, while ensuring that everyone is always wearing clean and well maintained uniforms.

Reduce stress on your employees by getting started with Alsco’s managed uniform rental service today!

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