12 Must-Have Items for Every Trendy Restaurant and Bar in Singapore

Published July 16, 2019

The hospitality industry is very competitive and restaurateurs have to do a lot to stay on top of their game. Starting a restaurant could be your dream.

However, just like with any other business, you will need the best equipment to make your business successful.

There are various must-have items for every trendy restaurant that you should be willing to invest in. Here are 12 of them.


Bar Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Traditional cash registers are so yesterday. Trendy establishments invest in modern tablet-like POS systems. With this modern tech, you can easily and quickly manage your customers’ transactions, even right at the table. A modern POS software package should also come with tools that help you manage almost any of the operations of your business, all from the palm of your hand.

Clean Staff Uniforms

Your staff plays a big role when it comes to running a successful restaurant and bar. They interact with your customers the most and how they present themselves can make or break your business.

One way to ensure that your staff stand out is by getting them the best food and service apparel. Smartly dressed staff create a great impression of the business. It also makes them look and feel professional. And it’s as easy as getting in touch with Alsco and asking about our managed uniform rental service.

Alsco will pick up your wait staff, chef and kitchen staff garments, clean, sanitise, and even repair them and return them freshly laundered. We usually make a regular delivery schedule to ensure that none of your staff members go to work with dirty uniforms. Just let us take care of everything.

Cocktail Shakers

These are considered the iconic barware symbol. They are very important in any bar as most good cocktail recipes require a shaker. When shaken with ice, drinks come out perfectly blended and chilled. It helps blend in the different flavours and airate the liquid, making one incredible cocktail unlike when the ingredients just get stirred.

Your customers can also enjoy the show as your mixologists do their magic creating those perfect cocktails with a vigorous and theatrical shake. You can get shakers in sets that come with a cap, a strainer and other useful accessories.

Commercial Refrigeration Units

Whether you run a sandwich shop or a bar and grill, you will require good cold storage. This means getting a good commercial refrigeration system that can withstand the harsh commercial kitchen environment.

You will also need beverage tubs for both your bar and the restaurant. People love the feeling of downing a cold one either with their meals or during a night out. These tubs have become very trendy and make casual self-service more enjoyable.

Well-Stocked First-Aid Kits

Accidents happen in any workplace. In a restaurant, it could be due to a burn or cut in the kitchen, customers stepping on a shard of broken glass in the bar or even choking.

To ensure your staff and clients’ safety, always have a first aid kit available. Alsco ensures that your business is kept safe and compliant by stocking your first aid kit with hospital-grade supplies.

Our managed rental service for first aid kits can be tailored according to your specific needs. This will not cost you anything extra. Just get in touch and let us help you protect the safety of your workers and customers at all times. Here are two reasons why you should choose Alsco’s rented first aid kit:

  • Affordability: we only charge you a flat monthly fee – no hidden charges
  • Limitless restocking: our kits come stocked with hospital-grade supplies which we restock free of charge

Appetiser Cones

How do you serve your finger-foods? Are you still stuck with the simple traditional baskets? There is a new trend in the market. People are now choosing differently shaped cones to serve their little bites in. Make your appetisers more appealing to the eyes as well as the appetite.

Chef-Quality Knives

Your chefs need to have a set of high-quality sharp knives to use in the kitchen. These chef knives come in assorted styles and sizes suited for different cutting tasks. The good ones also come with comfortable and ergonomic handles and are perfectly balanced.

Good knives make the chefs’ tasks easier, especially when they have to prepare large quantities of food quickly and safely. Quality knives are also great when a lot of ingredients need to be chopped as the task can get tiring and leave the chefs with sore arms if they use the wrong tools.

Sparkling Clean Washrooms

When it comes to running a hospitality business such as a restaurant, you really need to ensure good hygiene. Poor hygiene will expose your staff and customers to the risk of illness caused by bacterial contamination.

Your washrooms need to be clean and well stocked with all the necessary consumables and hand drying facilities. Remember, a dirty washroom gives a bad impression of your establishment just as a clean washroom gives a good impression.

To ensure your restaurant’s washrooms are always clean and hygienic, rely on Alsco’s fully managed washrooms service. We even keep your washrooms smelling clean and fresh by mounting air fresheners programmed to supply a regular dose of fragrance.

We also look after feminine hygiene – our sanitary bins come sanitised and with an antibacterial liner that helps kill 99.99% of germs.

Handy Garnish Stations

Condiment dispensers, garnish stations and bar caddies can really help lift your bar. They help with maintaining cleanliness, easing the bartenders’ services and provide organisational convenience.
From packing cherries and olives for garnishing to toothpicks and napkins, you can never go wrong with these handy little storage items.

Novel Liquor Glasses

When sourcing must-have items for your restaurant or bar, you can’t afford to forget about glassware. With so many novel glassware designs out there, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From iridescent wine glasses to geometric tumblers, your barware can raise your cool factor to the next level. Make Happy Hour more interesting with some of these cool barware ideas:

  • Gold Faceted Highball Glasses – Let your revellers go glam when enjoying their favourite cocktail by serving it in one of these.
  • Colourblock Champagne Flutes – These colourful champagne flutes bring a dash of colour to everyone’s glass of bubbly.
  • Copper Martini Glasses – You don’t have to serve martinis in boring glasses. These designs prove that different materials can really help you mix things up.

Trendy Restaurant and Bar Furniture

You can’t have a sit-down restaurant or a decent bar without comfortable furniture. Cool bar chairs can really make a difference to the ambience of your bar – which is good when guests are waiting for their table and don’t mind enjoying a pre-dinner drink in style. Check out some of these cool designs:

  • Wooden Bar Chairs: Wood is timeless and will never go out of style. They are very comfortable and create a cosy, inviting environment that will leave your bar looking brighter and fresher.
  • Luxe Bar Stools: While quite masculine in style, luxe bar chairs give your bar a sense of elegance and luxury. Use them in any bar setting from large open bars to a smaller more intimate space.
  • Patterned Bar Chairs: Depending on your choice of fabric, patterned chairs can really complement your decor. Match or contrast them to your bar’s colour scheme to make them stand out. Your customers will love sitting on beautiful chairs while sipping their favourite cocktails.

Don’t Forget the Linen!

Quality Linen by Alsco

Investing in high-quality table linen really helps improve your restaurant’s ambience. It’s the space a customer spends more time in than anywhere else so they notice every detail.

Fresh, crisp linen – including tablecloths, table runners and napkins – can make all the difference between effortless sophistication and grotty neglect.

And it’s so easy to manage. In fact, you don’t have to manage it at all. Alsco’s convenient, economical service program provides the benefits of clean, quality linens with no capital investment for your restaurant.

Our program includes the supply of linen as well as regular cleaning, pickup and delivery, and inventory management.

Yep, that’s right – bright, clean, crisp and fresh linen is always available, when you need it, where you need it.

Wherever you are in Singapore, Alsco will design a service to fit the size and scope of your operation.

  • Quality table cloths in a choice of sizes and colours
  • Table overlays to complement every table cloth
  • Crisp fabric napkins in a choice of colours
  • Thick and thirsty tea towels
  • Glass cloths to remove fingerprints
  • Colour-coded HACCP wipes for a hygienic clean

Contact us today for more information or an obligation-free customised quote.

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