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4 Reasons Why You Need Hand Sanitisers in the Workplace

Published February 23, 2017

It utterly amazing how those microscopic germs and bacteria, so small that they can’t be seen with the naked eyes, can take over your immune system and make you feel very ill.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere; in our workplace, the swimming pool, the gym, at the mall and practically everywhere.

Germs are easily spread by physical contact with other people and objects around, hence the need to keep all your surroundings clean and practise daily hygienic habits.

Protecting yourself and others from harmful germs should include keeping the hands clean. Our hands are practically how we pick up germs and introduce them to our system.

Many people ignore the common warning about regular hand washing probably because we use our hands a lot and it takes a lot of discipline to wash our hands regularly until it becomes a habit.

One thing is certain: washing hands regularly is essential – after using the restroom, before and after eating, after using shared machines in the office, before and after meals, before and after casual meetings in the office, and after using the public phone and other shared equipment within the office.

Hand washing stands out as the most effective means through which the spread of germs can be contained. Keeping the hands clean reduces the spread of germs when you touch contaminated surfaces like handrails, taps, or public phones among other objects.

There are many ways to keep the hands clean. You can wash your hands using soap and water or use a hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are very easy to use and convenient, too. It is especially preferred by people who are too busy to make a quick run for the restroom or kitchen to wash their hands with water.

Hand sanitizers should be a regular feature in every workplace. Below are the important reasons why hand sanitizers should always be available in the workplace.

1. It prevents the spread of diseases

If you had to list all the objects and things you touched all throughout the day, which will definitely be a very long list, it is very likely that these objects were laden with germs.

Also, the chances are that those germs are left on your hands. If they are not removed or neutralised, these germs can be the source of very discomforting illnesses.

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Keeping the hands clean effectively prevents the further spread of harmful diseases that might be found on your hands.

A few diseases that we can suffer from as a result of unwashed contaminated hands include gastrointestinal infections like salmonella and respiratory infections like influenza. Keeping your hands clean by washing them will deter the spread of the germs that cause these infections.

2. It promotes a safe and clean environment

The workplace should be safe and clean at all times. This might seem impossible, but with a huge effort to keep the workplace well sanitised, you can prevent employees from coming down with an infection that can start from the spread of bacteria from one person to the other.

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Hospitality establishments and restaurants should always have hand sanitizers handy for the guests and workers.

3. It encourages the formation of a good habit

It is a good habit to ensure that your hands are always clean. Developing this good habit will be even easier if the employees always see hand sanitizer dispensers and free hand hygiene posters in the washroom or the office pantry.

In a short time, using the hand sanitizer becomes an instinct. The result is a cleaner and healthier environment.

4. It helps with growing your business

If your employees are healthy, they give their best in every task assigned to them. They are more productive. The result is a good business and satisfied customers who come back to you.

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Poor workplace hygiene is one of the major reasons why people still fall victim to infections caused by germs and bacteria. Ensuring that a system which promotes good hygiene is effective in the workplace promotes good health and better productivity among the employees.

Taking just a few seconds to wash your hands can go a long way in preventing the spread of common infections like the flu in the workplace.

Washing your hands has been proven to remove as much as 98% of the germs you have contacted from touching various objects as you go about your daily activities.

It is an action that takes barely a few minutes to carry out but the benefits can mean a lot compared to the number of days an illness can put you on a sick bed.

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