8 Reasons Why Renting Food and Beverage Workwear Is a Terrific Move for Your Catering Business

Published January 13, 2020

“To rent or not to rent?”

That is indeed the question for many business operators when it comes to workwear.

Which is more affordable, renting or buying? What would be more sustainable over time? How about practicality? What does a managed uniform rental service have to offer?

The choice between purchasing or renting staff uniforms is undoubtedly an issue of great concern for many businesses. This is especially true for those running establishments in the food and service industry, given its dynamic and often demanding nature.

Well, the solution isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. What works in the US may not work here in Singapore. What works for a multinational catering company may not work for one that serves a single given geographic area.

Depending on the needs of your establishment, renting workwear could be a practical, effective business solution for several reasons.

Significant Saving on Costs

When purchasing uniforms, it’s highly likely that you will incur high initial costs. It’s standard for uniform suppliers to set limits on the minimum number of uniforms that can be purchased at any given time.

If you have a large establishment, you would need to set aside a huge sum of money to pay for all the workwear you require at once.

Keep in mind that different uniforms may be needed for different events and seasons year round, which would increase costs tremendously.

If you run a smaller catering service, you wouldn’t want to be compelled to make a bulk uniform purchase.

By choosing to rent workwear, you get more value for your money. With a managed uniform rental service, you can limit your order to the number of uniforms you actually need, and neither you nor your employees would have to cater for repairs or replacements.

As such, you get to lower operational costs for your catering business.

Flexible Contracts

As mentioned earlier, the food and beverage industry requires a level of flexibility. This makes renting advantageous to you as Managed Uniform Rental Services tend to work with flexible contracts.

Since you won’t be making an upfront payment and because you’re not purchasing a fixed number of uniforms in one go, the contract terms are more accommodating to your needs.

You don’t have to worry when you need to take on more staff, or during a restructure that entails scaling down or expanding, because the managed uniform rental service will be there to give you as many uniforms as you need, when they’re needed.

Fitting Uniforms

With a managed uniform rental service, getting workwear doesn’t have to be a hassle.

When submitting the request for workwear, all you need to do is submit the measurements of each staff member along with the other details, such as the number of uniforms needed.

Once your workwear is ready, it will be delivered right to you.

Should you need different workwear for different occasions later on, you’ll receive fitting uniforms each time, as your managed uniform rental service already knows what you need.

Customisation to Suit Changing Needs

Versatility is at the heart of catering. From peak and off-peak seasons to client specifications, your business operates in an ever–changing environment.

For instance, when catering, a client usually goes with a particular theme for their event. You then need to adapt to match your catering service to the unique preferences of each client.

By renting uniforms, you have the freedom to choose workwear that suits every client’s needs.

Simply let your rental service provider know what you need with regard to colours, styles and designs, and depending on the number of styles they have, you can rent what you need for a particular function.

Laundry Service Is Included

If you opt to buy workwear, then you’ll most likely be responsible for keeping these garments clean and pressed.

Given that stains are inevitable in the working environment, cleaning has to be undertaken frequently.

A managed uniform rental service would normally include laundry as part of the package, and this could come at no extra cost.

Dirty workwear is typically picked up, and freshly laundered uniforms are dropped off in their place. It’s as easy as that!

Replacements and Repairs Are Factored In

Try as we might, the catering business environment is one where messes just can’t be avoided.

Over time, uniforms start to wear. From the moment you receive brand new uniforms, you can expect everything from fading and staining to burns and marks.

Past a certain point, your once pristine uniforms are no longer presentable for your clients, and given how important making a favourable impression is, there’s no choice but to have repairs done or to do away with them and acquire replacements.


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Use a sophisticated barcode system to keep track of all uniforms.

A key benefit of working with a managed uniform rental service to meet your workwear needs is the level of transparency you’re afforded.

Given that they’ll be responsible for picking up dirty or worn uniforms and dropping them off based on the agreed schedule, it’s only right that a uniform rental company has an effective way to ensure your staff’s garments are available as expected.

If you opt for a managed uniform rental service, such as this one, you’ll be glad to know that you benefit from their use of a sophisticated barcode system to keep track of every apron and chef’s uniform.

All along each uniform’s journey, its unique identity in the system means you don’t have to keep following up on how far along every uniform is.

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This level of transparency is essential, as trust is key when working with a uniform supplier. A managed uniform rental service facilitates this by maintaining a good relationship with you.

You can therefore spend less time worrying and more time focussing on what you do best.

An Extensive Network of Service Routes

Services can be accessed regularly all across Singapore.

Renting workwear may already be looking like it’s the right fit for your catering business, but one question lingers:

“How accessible are uniform rental services?”

That’s a valid concern because if a rental service doesn’t cover the area your business is in, choosing to rent just won’t be practical for your catering business.

Imagine a situation where you have a function happening a bit far from your usual area of operations for a big client.

You’ve taken on extra staff and are ready to get to work, but the clean uniforms you are expecting have yet to be delivered. Time keeps moving, but the people from your rental service are a no-show.

Let’s not imagine how that could end.

To ensure their managed uniform rental service is effective, Alsco has established an extensive network of service routes that means all of Singapore is covered.

Let Alsco Meet Your Uniform Rental Needs

Renting workwear could be the right fit for your catering business. There’s lots of value and convenience that comes with it.

Why not give Alsco’s managed uniform rental service a try?

You’ll benefit from working with a reputable service provider that tailors its offerings to meet your specific needs as a client. Now, isn’t that terrific?

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