Top 3 Hospitality Linen Essentials

Published August 6, 2020

For many industries, high-quality linen has become a staple. Whether this be tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, overlays, or food and glass wipes, linen has become an important requirement for many hospitality businesses.  

Restaurants can benefit massively from providing fresh linens. Having a top-notch quality linen service helps to generate a clean, professional image for the business, while also improving efficiency and branding cohesion within the work environment. This also involves equipping employees (waiting staff and hosts) with high-quality uniforms and apparel, which can protect them from dangerous spills and splashes. 

By investing in hospitality linen essentials, the ambience of the workplace will flourish, providing an exquisite atmosphere for customers. Having the proper napkins and tablecloths can foster a unique and pristine dining experience.

In saying this, here are the 3 hospitality linen essentials for your business! 

Table Linen 

There’s nothing more important than having clean table linen. Using high-quality tablecloth linen can create an excellent, refined atmosphere for your customer’s dining experience. It can provide a powerful, long-lasting impression of your establishment by giving an edge of professionalism and cleanliness, while keeping your table surfaces free of greasy stains and bacterial grime.

The luxurious feel, clean look and fabric texture can make a huge difference towards enhancing the customer’s restaurant experience, while providing an unparalleled elegance. Alsco’s Table Linen Service delivers a convenient and efficient program with no capital investment for your restaurant. At an affordable price, regular supplies of table linen will be provided, alongside cleaning, delivery and inventory management. 

Tea Towels

Having clean, hygienic and quality tea towels reinforces a positive image of the business, giving a sense of opulence and refinement when serving customers. Employees can also feel the noticeable difference when using these tea towels to clean and dry kitchenware in an efficient manner.

Alsco’s Tea Towels are 100% cotton/polycotton, highly absorbent and anti-bacterial which will keep businesses looking fresh and feeling fabulous, while keeping the workplace sparkling clean. These signature tea towels are available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes – all suited to your business’s preferences and brand identity. When industrially laundered, the tea towels will be maintained properly to be clean, professional and bacteria-free.

Food and Glass Wipes 

Food and glass wipes are essential for the hospitality industry. They eliminate nasty bacteria and grease from all types of kitchen surfaces, including table top counters and benches, dining tables, sinks, kitchenware and cutlery. Food wipes are colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination and infections such as salmonella or food poisoning, giving your business an unmatched level of hygiene and sanitation. Meanwhile, glass wipes are suitable for all kinds of glass detailing and cleaning.

For promoting a culture of workplace safety and hygiene, Alsco’s reusable food and glass wipes are perfect for every business in any industry. They are pure cotton, HACCP hygiene-approved and environmentally friendly (biodegradable), and can be delivered fresh and laundered on a regular basis.

Excellent-quality hospitality linen can be hard to find. That’s why Alsco’s Managed Rental Program meets all your business’s unique requirements.

We provide an amazing range of linen products, including tea towels, food and glass wipes, tablecloths, overlays and napkins – all perfect for creating the perfect customer dining experience. 

All businesses deserve a reliable, cost-effective service that provides quality linen supplies that are regularly maintained and laundered. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at + 65 6455 0150 or fill in this enquiry form.

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