The Top 5 Hygiene Essentials for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Published April 21, 2020

Maintaining a clean and safe workplace is crucial. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, which must prioritise hygiene and sanitation when handling chemical substances. 

Keeping the workplace clean is important for the overall wellbeing of employees. If not managed properly in compliance with WSH regulations, poor hygiene can cause skin issues, unpleasant odours and bacterial infections. If the workplace is also riddled with many dangerous hazards, employees can get seriously injured and face long-term health risks.

All staff in the pharmaceutical industry should be mindful of these health/safety essentials for the workplace. They should also take care of their personal hygiene to avoid the spread of nasty infections and contamination. Pharmaceutical companies should further ensure the safety of their workforce by keeping areas neat and tidy, providing protective garments, maintaining floors from tripping hazards and disposing of clinical waste properly.

With that being said, here are the main essentials for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Pharmaceutical Garments 

It’s a no brainer that every pharmaceutical workplace should have protective pharmaceutical garments. Not only do they provide a clean and professional image to employees and boost morale, they are specially designed from high-quality, durable materials that can effectively shield employees from hazardous chemicals and dirty substances.

Alsco’s pharmaceutical garments feature strong, comfortable and light-weight fabrics which are stain-resistant against corrosive chemicals such as acid. This includes a static dispersant coat that is lint-free which is perfect for any cleanroom environment. Contamination is also minimised by internal pockets, cuffed sleeves and no external buttons. 

Hand Hygiene & Washroom 

All pharmaceutical workplaces should use proper hand hygiene procedures and washroom services to prevent bacterial contamination. Hand hygiene not only requires washing hands using soap dispensers and hand sanitisers, it also involves drying them using the right equipment. 

With Alsco’s effective hand-drying solutions and washroom products, pharmacies can easily optimise their workplace to become cleaner and safer. There are a broad range of hygienic hand-drying solutions such as paper hand towels, paper roll dispensers and automatic hand dryers. This is coupled with various hand-washing products, including soap dispensers and hand sanitisers – all perfectly formulated for your business’s needs. 

These hand hygiene solutions are absolutely crucial for the pharmaceutical workplace as workers will undoubtedly be exposed to hazardous substances (dust and vapours) and abrasive chemicals.

Safety Floor Mats 

Floor mats act as the core foundation of pharmaceutical safety and promote a healthy work space. They keep us safe in hazardous areas where there could be dangerous chemicals or slippery liquid spills, enable us to stand comfortably for hours, and constantly alert us of any workplace hazards. 

There are a variety of different safety floor mats which can be tailored to suit any business’s needs. This includes high traffic mats which are designed to protect floor surfaces in busy work areas using dirt-proof and highly absorbent materials. Anti-fatigue and wet area mats can be used to provide support for employees by reducing strains and pressures, while having textured grips alongside anti-microbial and water resistant properties. On the other hand, safety and message mats can help raise awareness of company safety rules and policies. 

First Aid 

First aid kits are a MUST in every workplace – the pharmaceutical industry is obviously no exception. With many potential hazards in the cleanroom environment, employees must learn how to treat injuries and manage risks. These first aid kits can be strategically positioned around the workplace so that employees have greater access during life-threatening emergencies. 

Every workplace should be stocked with first aid kits that comply with the latest WSH legislation and policies. Alsco’s First Aid Kits are a fantastic solution – they are stocked with carefully-chosen, hospital-grade supplies every quarter, and are suitable for businesses in different industries. 

With first aid kits installed in the pharmacy, there should also be the implementation of first aid training – employees can learn how to perform essential procedures such as CPR, treating wounds and using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Odour Control 

A clean and fresh-smelling pharmacy environment can create a positive impression on customers and workplace visitors. Not only that, odour control will ensure that employees will feel more comfortable and relaxed, which boosts productivity and worker satisfaction in the long-run. 

To ensure that the pharmaceutical workplace is always smelling fresh, Alsco’s automatic wall-mounted air fresheners can dispense a measured dose of airborne fragrance at selected intervals. This dispenser provides a long-lasting aroma and has reduced interruptions and maintenance repairs. The air fresheners are environmentally-friendly since they don’t use CFCs, and have a great selection of fragrances made from natural oils. 

Odour control can be implemented with the right equipment and devices – that’s why Alsco’s range of air fresheners can help your business freshen up in the most cost-efficient and convenient way possible, with products such as the Spray/Fan Air Fresheners, Sanitising Units and Freshzone Ozoniser.

So there we go, the top 5 hygiene essentials for the pharmaceutical industry. Why not share these important elements of workplace cleanliness to everyone you know? 

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service can help your business stay fully clean and hygienic. Your workers will be protected from all sorts of nasty bacteria and grime, while also defending themselves against the various potential workplace hazards that could arise in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Get started now – it’s simple, convenient and affordable. Alsco cares about your business’s safety and hygiene – our services are uniquely tailored for your needs 24/7. 

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