Why Workplace Garments are Important for your business

Published April 22, 2020

Uniforms are a cornerstone of many prominent companies across the world, but while uniforms may seem like an unnecessary measure to implement for your business, there are plenty of reasons for providing a simple work uniform for your employees that also benefit your business as a whole.

Importance To Your Customer

A consistently uniformed workplace can instill a sense of confidence in your business that is immediately evident to a customer. Workplace Uniforms are a foundation of your customer experience and workplace communication – a store or business filled with employees in branded uniforms immediately establishes your brand identity to the consumer, and creates a sense of brand awareness that may have otherwise been lost. Uniforms are an invaluable visualisation tool for your customer, making it easy to identify your employees from the crowd should a customer need to find someone to ask for help or assistance – this is a simple way to streamline your customers experience and ensure they don’t feel lost or confused trying to find a member of your staff.

Importance To Your Employee

They may not show it, but uniforms matter to your employees. In a uniformed workplace versus a casual dress environment, your employees have to worry less about what they will be wearing to work, and spending money on workplace appropriate attire if they are provided with a uniform for their role. A uniform also builds a sense of equality amongst your employees, while building a stronger unity between them. This confidence and calm will project from your employees to your consumers, as happy employees make for happy customers.

Importance to you, the Employer

For many employers, providing a uniform means you’re helping prevent cross-contamination, which is especially crucial for workplaces in the food and sanitation industries. It is beneficial to request your employees wear a uniform that is only used in the workplace and is not worn elsewhere to prevent bringing any commonplace dirt and germs into your workplace. If your employees need protection from risk in the workplace then consider specifically designing a uniform to provide them the protection they require, be it an apron or a  high visibility work shirt.

Uniforms in the workplace are important for a wide range of reasons, but the most important reasons will be defined by your business field and the work you do. Consider what’s the most important factors to your workplace, and design a uniform to support and bolster these fundamental factors. A uniform is important as it can work to benefit all aspects of your business: your staff, your customers and your bottom line.

At Alsco, we can provide uniforms for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing and industrial industries, through our managed rental program. Just order the number of garments you require, let us know when you require clean ones, and we’ll drop freshly laundered ones to you while we pick up your dirty garments!  We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keeping your uniform always clean and fresh.

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