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The environmentally-friendly, people-friendly, 100% aqueous answer to high-performance parts washing for your workplace.

The Ecosafe washer cleans greasy, dirty parts within seconds – all using a safe, water-based solution that keeps your workplace and your people safe and healthy.

Your workshop, garage or industrial space probably sees a ton of solvents, oils, greases and other chemicals from machinery and parts.

Inevitably, these spread throughout work areas, negatively affecting the environment, the safety of your workplace and, most significantly, your staff’s health.

The Ecosafe Washer is your safe, environmentally-friendly solution to parts cleaning.

Using a powerful, 100% aqueous solution, the Ecosafe blasts oils, greases and dirt from your workplaces mechanical parts, including motor engines, brakes, and more.

Electrically-powered, it’ll leave your most important parts sparkling clean – at no cost to your workplace or your staffs’ health.

Ecosafe Washer Features

Our Ecosafe Washers are…

  • Safe – Using the 100% water-based Ozzyjuice, our parts washers avoid the negative effects of solvents and chemicals, producing no fumes, toxins or any other nasties – keeping your staff as safe and healthy as possible
  • Powerful – Just as effective as solvent-based cleaners, the Ecosafe uses heated water to blast even the most powerful grime, grunge and dirt from your parts and equipment
  • Green – A sophisticated process of bio-remediation breaks nasty greases and oils into water and carbon dioxide (the stuff you breathe out!) – ensuring the environment is kept as safe and clean as your parts and your workplace
  • Affordable – Where most Ecosafe Washers can run up to $3000, Alsco will rent yours from a few dollars a day, cleaning, fixing and replacing your washers along the way – at no added cost!
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The Pro’s Favourite Parts Washer

There’s a reason dozens of workshops, garages and mechanics are choosing our Ecosafe Washers. As safety and environmental awareness become more and more important, performance requirements stay the same. The Ecosafe perfectly balances cleaning effectiveness with safety. Small and portable, it’s an excellent, agile answer to parts cleaning in your workplace – no matter how small or confined.

Jason Bright“In the high pressure world of V8 Supercars, we need products that can compete at the highest level. The Alsco Ecosafe parts washer offers the Brad Jones Racing team the highest performance clean without the health risks associated with solvent based washers.”

Jason Bright

Driver Team BOC Car 8

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Keeps your workplace safe

Icon ShieldWorkshops and garages can be dangerous places to work. You don’t need the added stress of chemical/solvent hazards in your workplace that may cause serious skin and respiratory health issues among your employees. The Ecosafeusing a water-based solution – is non-toxic, non-flammable, and keeps your employees safe, your workplace clean, and the environment green.

Cleans parts effortlessly

Icon WasherA sophisticated process of bio-remediation breaks down oils and greases into two, 100% safe by-products – water and carbon dioxide. The heated, water-based solution of the Ecosafe can be used to clean dirt, grease, oils, and other common chemicals found in your workplace – and can even be used by staff to clean their hands after hours at work.

Affordable and risk-free

Icon MoneyHow appealing is dropping $1000-3000 on a piece of cleaning machinery? For most businesses, not very. The reality is that’s what most parts washers cost. With Alsco, we charge you an affordable, annual fee that works out at a few dollars each day. Along with this, we don’t just supply your Ecosafe Washer. We check and maintain each unit regularly. Need a replacement? Don’t worry – Alsco will happily help at no added cost to you.

Interested? Claim Your Free Demo!

Icon BubbleAlsco will happily demonstrate the Ecosafe Washer right in your workplace. Simply get in touch with our team, and we’llarrange a date suitable for your schedule. We’re almost certain you’ll be convinced. On the off chance that you’re not interested, however, you’re not obligated to pay or ppurchase anything. The demo is 100% free – no strings attached. Use the contact form to the right to learn more to claim your free dmeo today!

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Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date. All starting from just $1 a day.

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