Pharmaceutical Uniforms

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Pharmaceutical Uniforms

Alsco’s range of purpose-designed Pharmaceutical workwear delivers a clean, professional and hygienic image for our customers.
Our flexible range of pharmaceutical workwear…
  • Can be branded to improve your team’s morale and your company’s image
  • Come in a range of styles and sizes
  • Is colour-coded and minimally-designed for an organised, safe work environment
  • Sourced from only the highest-quality manufacturers
Alsco’s Smart Managed Garment System

With Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service, we don’t just wash and return your garments. Using a sophisticated RFID chip system developed over years, we track every delivery. This includes locations, last pickup dates, number of washes, and much more.

With this Managed Garment System, Alsco’s delivery is hyper-fast and accurate. But it also means we can tweak our services to fit your business with ease – and know exactly what uniforms need replacing and when. Because a convenient experience for you is at the top of our minds – always.

Ultra-clean Garment Processing, Every Time

While meeting the applicable health and safety guidelines, our range features the latest fabrics and modern designs that are safe, comfortable and easy to maintain.

  • Fabrics blends that combine the comfort with the stain resistance and durability, enabling a lighter weight fabric to offer resistance to corrosive chemicals such as acids.
  • Internal pockets, cuffed sleeves, and no external buttons to minimize contamination.
  • A static dispersant coat that is lint free and specifically designed for a cleanroom environment.
  • Colour-coded workwear to avoid cross-contamination in the laboratory or plant.

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White Pharmaceutical Dustcoat

Knee length style, suitable for the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industry with a concealed stainless steel dome front. Two lower front internal pockets, kick pleat at back.


White Long Sleeve Dome Overall

Raglan sleeves with internal pockets, concealed front domes, cannot scratch equipment, gives quick release if garment gets caught in machinery.


White Pharmaceutical Trouser

Cleanroom trouser with elasticated waist and side seam pockets. Comfortable fit. Wide range of styles and sizes available.


White Cotton Drill Dome Overall

Raglan sleeves, external pockets. Concealed front domes with two piece elastic back allowing for firm fit.


White Long Sleeve Zip Overall

Inset sleeves, internal pockets with self lubricating brass zip that does not rust or jam.


White Zip Overall

Inset sleeves, internal pockets with self lubricating brass zip that does not rust or jam.


White Dome Overall

Stainless steel domes, inset sleeves with split cuff. Two front breast pockets and hip pocket. One piece action back with elastic banded waist.

Why Alsco’s Managed Service is Best for your Business…

Economy and Value

With Alsco’s managed workwear program there is no costly initial investment. Our systems allow you to reduce uniform and image wear to a convenient, predictable budget item.

Alsco takes care of the day to day management including washing, repairing and presentation, eliminating this time consuming task from your staff and management.

We get your new employees into a clean, fresh uniform from virtually day one.

Quality and Flexibility

Our workwear comes in a wide selection of fabrics, styles and colours, from tough overalls to smart corporate image wear, cotton drill for hot humid environments to fabrics blends for stain resistance and lighter weight requirements.

We offer you the expertise of our in-house design department, and a guarantee of superior, quality garments, personalised company identity and short lead times on additional uniforms.

Service and Support

We will repair, maintain and replace your uniforms, size your people, install secure locker systems, soiled garment bins and provide standard operating procedure wall charts, assign specific individuals to manage accounts and regularly meet with customers to ensure the best solution is always achieved.

The bottom line is: Alsco can tailor an effective program to suit your specific needs. We do the work while you maintain total control.

To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on 6455 0150 or complete the online enquiry form.

“Alsco is the largest uniform provider and their customer service executives and managers have been actively responding to our uniform needs. After many years of working with Alsco, we thoroughly recommend them as your uniform provider, given their vast product knowledge and solutions.”
Koh Xin Ai – Indoguna Singapore

How it works:

Your agreed amount of uniform x11

Alsco collects soiled uniform x5


At the same time, we deliver fresh laundered uniform x5


Tailored Solutions
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